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Trivial Encounter Table

I have had some doubts should i run trivial encounters on 5ed as they soak up time, but it still would fit the game as the lower level monsters don’t just vanish from the world. It’s also good to soak up some of the player resources for a some gain.

The tables aren’t meant to be used with fresh characters but rather level 5 and above. The sequence is meant to be played like a storytelling section instead of strict rules. The result can be determined by rolling d20 few times. Some mention of what they came against and what happened should be role played and not just take results from the list and move on.

Trivial Encounter Table:

The table is not tested at all atm and i would like to have any feedback. I’m thinking of running it at around 5% per 4 hour travel section. (We run days at 6 x 4 h sections so 4 travel and 2 for long rest.) This would be on top of anything else they would encounter.

Personally i’m a bit worried that this could become a too good tool to gain XP unintentionally and the values need to be toned down a bit.