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To the Directors of Galactic History and Study

Dear Directors of Galactic History and Study of the Acropolis Sector,

So around 2.5 million years ago, Modern Humans appeared on a planet that would late be called Earth. Now generations of Archaeologist and Paleontologist around the Galaxy would argue that it was the long rigorous process of evolution and what the Humans call Natural Darwinism that brought them about. But I am here argue that they came from beyond the gravity well of their (former) habitual world and from ancient world lost to time and memory.

Now the ancient mythical Minggaasy world of Xanadu are in many stories through out the history of the Minggaasy that speak of a Gaia world of legendary importance to it being secret shield world that protects the Minggaasy race in case of a extinction level event. In these stories there is another race that lived along side them known as the Prometus. It is said that the Prometus Race almost looked and speak like the Minggaasy, but in the same stories about them they died off do to many conflicting stories such as angering the Gods of Old with their magics of lightning and hidden armour used against them. Other sources say that they simply died off due to a plague that the Minggaasy were resistant to. And Other they just left to be with Gods of Old among the stars.

Xanadu is the lost world of the Human’s and Minggaasy, we just need to fin the evidence to prove just that and the stories of the Minggaasy will hopefully shine the way. Hopefully you will find interest in these story as I have and fund a Galaxy wide search for these hidden truths among the Stars.

Gal’to Fotext XXIV

(Now this is all person head canon and stuff, but I would love to see a tie in back to the Minggaasy Princess later on in the Season. Also sorry if I kept Minggaasy. I’m just playing it by ear when typing it. Also sorry for grammar errors, English wasn’t the best class I had growing up and relearning it.)