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The unfortunate passing of Geoff "iNcontroL" Robinson

(Possibly Batman) #1

This news is so sudden and terrible. Geoff was a massive part of Rollplay’s history and someone I have admired and respected for years. His sincerity, humor, and intelligence will be forever missed.

Thank you for the incredible memories and all you have done for this and the Star Craft communities.

(Twitch: ZacharyAaron) #2

This is one of those times where it’s hard to draw the line when it comes to parasocial relationships. I never really talked to Geoff, he never knew I existed, but for many, many years he brought me more joy, laughs, and comfort than I can say. Truly devastated by this, and I am sending all the love to his friends and family.

(Twitch: SovietSix) #3

Over the last 5 years Geoff has always been a favorite of mine across all the roleplay shows and it deeply saddens me. It has to be easily over 400 hours of content I’ve watched with him in it. Its so bizarre, its like I’ve lost someone close to me, even though he has no idea who I am.

(Labeled) #4

The only reason I found rollplay was because of starcraft 2, I sucked and wanted to get out of bronze so I started watching Day9, and through day9 I found State of the Game. Youtube eventually autoplayed a recommended video and that was the original RollPlay campaign. My life changed that day I didn’t know it then but I do now. RollPlay has been one of the best forms of entertainment I’ve ever consumed and I’m so grateful I found it. Another thing I found because of Geoff was The Dresden FIles, it’s sad he’ll never get to read this upcoming book Peace Talks.

RIP Geoff, where ever you are. Thanks for everything.