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The Spiritualist Thread

hey folks

I thought I should start a thread for the spiritualist faction, since I haven’t seen one yet. If i missed it, feel free to correct me.

I’m interested in RPing a repentant, but I thought it would be neat to share a thread between both spiritualist factions. Heretics can’t exist without an orthodoxy.

I’ll start posting some ideas later on: just wanted to open up a space to start.

My repentant splinter group motto: “Humility and Hope”

I’m interested in exploring non-christian methods of repentance. My character will be involved in a splinter group based loosely on “The Way of the Five Pecks of Rice”

This was an early taoist movement that combined theocracy with mysticism, penitence, and proto-communist wealth distribution. Interested folks should also check out this book:

I’m imagining that this splinter group arose out of a peasant rebellion on a tbd agri-planet. Possible connections to House Vagrant?

I’m so excited about this game.