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The schedule, right now!

I’m the person who never stopped whining about the schedule… this is it right now:


:two_hearts: Right now I’m so happy! Happy new year, everyone! :gift::tada: :fireworks:


*Ok, calm down now!*
Here, have positive feedback

Edit: Ordering pizza to celebrate! (would have ordered pizza anyways)


We’re hopefully reworking how it’s structured since it ended up being cluttered (since it wasn’t designed with daily streams in mind). We want to add color swatches (using the same colors here on the community). Truncate using an ellipsis. Hover state to show the entire title. Only showing shows and special events in the Up Next section.

Quick mockup:

what about a way to export the calendar to say an iPhone calendar or android phone? unless there already is one?

There are a few ways to do it that have been user created. It’s still a work in progress to get it integrated into the the schedule/website. Someone is PMing me about it right now and I need to respond to it.

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Hey, if you are working on Google/ICal links could we pleeeeease have the option to just see the Rollplay content? I love having that info in my calendar so I do not miss an episode, but currently I am being spammed all to hell with JP’s daily streams, which while often entertaining are not quite “must have a reminder 15 mins beforehand” status. Thanks :smiley:

Are you thinking about a different color for every different show and a color for the daily streams or grouping types of content?

It might be possible to simply use three different colors to differentiate between Rollplay content, Dropped Frames and Daily Streams. It would help guide the eyes and ease the sorting of information without adding too much more to the schedule.

This probably is one of those “Duh! Of course we thought of that.” situation but anyway I figured I’d chime in.

Keep up the great work

I don’t know how many people know that if you click on an event then the “Read more” link or open the event in a new page there will be links to the youtube and twitch vod


While that don’t exist yet. We’re adding another category called “stream” so hopefully that can allow the API to seperate them out.
Help us out over here. Comments and feedback is also welcome in that topic:

If you’re using the ical link that I wrote, talked about here: Subscribable Calendar

Then you may be in luck: I’ll look at fixing it to support filtering by stream type tomorrow. I’ll post in the linked thread if / when I do.

We are looking to move streams into a separate category just so you know. Not sure how that will affect your setup. There’s no ETA on the changes at the moment however.

We’ve at least implemented a limit to the Up Next now. Hopefully we can get the rest sorted out over the weekend (but don’t hold me to that plz).

Oh I see. I was presuming that event_type as show meant that it was a Rollplay / DF show, but it looks like currently normal game streams are also that type.

Let me know when there is a clear distinction and I’ll update the calendar to output different calendars based on the type you’re looking for.

Yeah. The truth is that it was never intended for this purpose. Didn’t know that JP wanted to do daily streams during the creation. Slight oversight since after all he is a Twitch streamer. Looking to get it sorted.

We got a ton of things running at once.
PAX South project, Nebula Jazz overlays, DIE-KEA overlays, CoS Dynamic overlay and fixing the schedule. It’s a busy month and since the three first ones do have a deadline they are a priority at the moment. Thankfully the Twitch mod team have access to the backend of the schedule so they add things. So big thanks to the entire @moderators team for taking on that. I need to give them access to the backend for the RollPlay/Dropped Frames starting screens as well asap.

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