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The fascination of humans among aliens in Nebula Jazz

Why do aliens in Nebula Jazz like humans so much?

I know the hot golden emperor dated a human or something but I think I missed the explaination of how every single alien seems to be obsessed with humans. Why are cows a big deal, why do they collect human artifacts, etc.

Is there any reason besides that humans are extinct? Have they explained that in any way before?

Less with humans as organisms and more with the 80’s radio wave explosion after earth was destroyed. Also that earth was destroyed by the “rulers of the universe” and so put a huge amount of focus on them?

Or it could just be that humans tend to be a focus in games and there isn’t a really really good reason for it other than the players are human so the universe values humans.

They’re basically weaboos. Except instead of being a Japanophile, it’s more of a Humanophile. Planet Nowhere blows up, sends out a massive radiowave of MTV and suddenly every souvenir from a visiting alien and every “rescued” human becomes a smashing sensation.

The other comments got it locked down in-universe wise.

Also, narrative wise, it’s a good reference point that grounds a universe that could be incredibly alien and impenetrable. Remember, the players and viewers are human too.

In an unlimited space with unlimited amounts of stars and even more planets, there’s an unlimited amount of planets that bare life. This show has set its focus on few people (aliens) that are really into humans, after they were basically extinct. Asking why the people (aliens) in this show like humans is like going to a comic con and asking why everyone likes comic books. We get a view of a very specific selection of aliens (people), their opinions and a short summary of their lives.

This show is human con. All the attendees are nerds who do the human greeting* and dress up with human ears…

*= human greeting:

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Gotcha I think I missed the radio wave explosion. I often don’t pay attention in the beginning and start listening closely when I think the plot starts to get interesting.