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The Courts in the Multiverse

(Insanescotsman) #1

I just wanted to gather some opinions on something that popped into my head. Would there be a way for someone from lets say The Forgotten Realms to make their way to the world upon which the Courts exist. Like a lore-friendly reason/way for inter-world travel to the Courts, for example a “leak” in The Fountain that a traveler could navigate like a river of sorts to arrive in The Court of Cups for instance. If you guys have any cool ideas about how that could happen I’d be super interested to hear.

(VyRe40) #2

Hrm. I don’t see why not. Dark Sun and Planescape are part of the multiverse, too, aren’t they? Reality is all wonky in those settings, too, compared to the standard fare of D&D, so having a concentration of magic flowing through the Fountain shouldn’t be an impossible traveling hurdle for planeswalkers…

Though there are other complex parts of the cosmology that might not mesh at all, like the Hells and the Abyss as something of a set fixture to D&D in how they work, which might not fit with the source of the Mara. And the Farang being the Farang, of course.

I wonder at the limits of the D&D multiverse’s rules. Is it a “true” multiverse of parallel universes with leeway to function distinctly apart from the other universes, or is it all technically just a singular universe with different worlds inhabiting a unified astral space?

(Kol_Saresk) #3

Nope. That is exactly how multiplanar travels in DnD.

(Kol_Saresk) #4

If we go by Chris Perkins’ use of Greyhawk’s multiplanar characters in Dice, Camera, Action, the Acquisitions Inc team’s journey through the DnD multiverse, as well as how it’s been done in the past(ie Soth once being a lord of the Dread Realms), it’s a mixture of both. Each individual universe has a set astral space, but the various astral spaces are able to interact with each other in a manner similarly to how sci-fi typically shows parallel timelines/alternate universe interacting with each other. So if someone from Toril came to the Fountainverse, then they might misunderstand the nature of say, angels, aasimar, demons, and devils in this universe, but the creatures would still be the same. If that makes sense.