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The Book of Harmony

(Athlai) #1

I have just recently got up to date with Court of Swords and have been absolutely loving it. One thing I’ve really enjoyed is the story of Ramus and how gradually his morality has been shaped through experience to create Harmony. He was raised in the Sun, he died. He was brought back to life by The Tower without a soul. His body was “blessed” by fire itself. Gradually his body deteriorates in his soulless state but he begins to learn that the power of the Fountain can be accessed without The Sun/The Tower or Imix, that anyone can harness the power if they know how. His own faith in himself begins to grow into a religion.
He enters the void and witnesses a world where death is only the loss of memory.

Dan’s little sermons and preachings are so great that it really made me want to write a little extract from his Holy Book. A strong feeling I get with Harmony is the philosophical concept that the MIND is what defines who you are. The body and the soul are just mechanisms for interacting with the world(s), but the MIND is the self.

The below extract is intended to be sort of like a “page 2” in the book of Ramus after he has already defined the power structure of the world (Heaven/Primordials/the Void) and turns his focus on teaching the power structure of the self (Body/Mind/Soul).

Extract from ‘The Equilibrium’ (The Holy Book of Harmony) written by Ramus Krill

Body. Mind. Soul.

To begin to understand Harmony, you must understand the story of myself, Ramus Krill.

I began no differently than anyone else, and like all others, upon my creation I was given three essential things. A body. A mind. And a soul.

I was born in a monastery of the Sun. Under the careful tutelage of priests of heaven, I was raised to see the world as they did.
They taught me, that my body and my mind were mundane things, born of flesh and circumstance. Of the three essential things that make up who you are, only my body and my mind truly belonged to me and were solely my responsibility. They also taught; that my soul was given to me by heaven. Assigned by Judgement itself. Through the soul we could reach enlightenment; divinity could measure, weigh and judge who I was and who I would be again.

This is the first lie of Heaven.

But it is not wholly a lie.
Heaven did foster me, and most others, with a soul. However only in my journey towards Harmony, did I discover the truth.

The soul does not define you.

The body is the vehicle of the self in the physical world and the soul in turn, is the conduit of the self in the astral world. The Path to Enlightenment is not the natural order of our world. It is only the mechanism currently put in place by the entities harnessing a power we are all entitled to.

I first ventured outside the monastery…

(TwilightBorealis) #2

Three, huh? Dwarves will love it.

(Athlai) #3

Coincidentally part CCCXXXIII of the Equilibrium is a long and rambling section on how the death of the Law-keeper dwarf wasn’t his fault and how much he loves Dwarven cuisine.

(AdamKoebel) #4

This is so extremely cool.

(Athlai) #5

Thank you! I just have enjoyed hearing Dan explain his reasoning of Harmony so much that it’s fun to think about Ramus’ voice in trying to explain these concepts in a holy text.

I also think that Berg (The Undying) may end up as a sort of Messiah like figure of Harmony in structuring their story but that story isn’t over yet. The destruction of the Hammer and the chance for a new weapon of Harmony has me very excited at the crossroads ahead.

(sbritcher) #6

I also think that Berg (The Undying) may end up as a sort of Messiah like figure of Harmony in structuring their story but that story isn’t over yet.

He’s probably going to end up a figure both in Harmony as well as an Orcish Ancestor-Bodhisattva.