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The Age of Aurora

While the above title may sound like a killer J-RPG, it’s actually… quite literal. What is Aurora’s age?

She’s repeatedly referred to as a teenager but the weird thing is, she was raised in such a strange environment that being called a teenager might have less to do with actual age, and more the roll she played in the fictive school environment created by the Alaxatronians.

BUT, if she is an actual teenager, I’d assume older, 16-19. But here’s where things get complicated. Durring the FIRST episode, Adam established the year the earth was destroyed was 1986. JESSE, IN UNIVERSE, AS QUINN, established that the current year is 2017. For the life of me I can’t remember in what episode that was, so if you happen to know, fill me in.
BUT. that means Aurora is actually 31 (or 30 depending on what time in the year the game takes place). So… Here’s my issue. Is she just teenager-like in her behavior because that’s the roll the Alaxatronians assigned her, or was she kept in stasis for OVER A DECADE!? Or was Jesse just wrong when he said it was 2017, and nobody corrected him…
What do you guys think? and by all means… @AdamKoebel if you see this, feel free to shed some light on this.


the answer is clear - she’s a teenager being played by a 30 year old. like everyone in an aaron spelling tv show.


It’s almost like Adam and the cast make up stuff as they go along and don’t care for backwards compatibility to such great detail :>


The obvious answer here is…

Time dilation! All the different versions of FTL travel distort age to a point where exact measures have become meaningless!

What even is a year on your planet, anyway? 2017 on the Lizardmen calendar, or the Mengasi?

But anyway. I think Pokket said she was 20-something at some point. So that’s a good medium.

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I thought this thread was about “The Age of Aurora”. As in the Reign of Aurora. She probably rules the world now maybe? I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s considered some super important figure since she basically wiped out the previous rulers, are friends with robot overlords, and can control the scepter.

She never actually was a teenager to me. Young, but not a teen. She just acted like one because that’s what she was raised knowing.