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That Court of Swords Tarot Project


(putridcheese) #61

no better way to relieve someone of their head than a trusty rapier

(jduats) #62

These are awesome! I'd love a wallpaper of the whole set once its completed.

(putridcheese) #63

The last card. I might a version 2 of it, because for some reason I feel unsatisfied. Maybe needs a kraken or a sea serpent somewhere in the water.

XXI The World - The Courts

(putridcheese) #64

XXI The World v2

(Darkvlagor) #65

Had a lot of stuff to do for the past 2 month, glad you continued the project !
these cards are awesome :itmejp10:

(VyRe40) #66

Last card, huh? Beautiful work, congrats on finishing! I'd kinda love to see these in the show. :itmejpmlg:

(putridcheese) #67

I might polish up with borders and some texture scratches. :slight_smile:

(someknave) #68

Next, Court cards and Aces?

(putridcheese) #69

I've added a border and some scratches. Any suggestions would be cool.

(Landwaker) #70

These are awesome, thanks for making them!