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That Court of Swords Tarot Project


(putridcheese) #61

no better way to relieve someone of their head than a trusty rapier

(jduats) #62

These are awesome! I'd love a wallpaper of the whole set once its completed.

(putridcheese) #63

The last card. I might a version 2 of it, because for some reason I feel unsatisfied. Maybe needs a kraken or a sea serpent somewhere in the water.

XXI The World - The Courts

(putridcheese) #64

XXI The World v2

(Darkvlagor) #65

Had a lot of stuff to do for the past 2 month, glad you continued the project !
these cards are awesome :itmejp10:

(VyRe40) #66

Last card, huh? Beautiful work, congrats on finishing! I'd kinda love to see these in the show. :itmejpmlg:

(putridcheese) #67

I might polish up with borders and some texture scratches. :slight_smile:

(someknave) #68

Next, Court cards and Aces?

(putridcheese) #69

I've added a border and some scratches. Any suggestions would be cool.

(Landwaker) #70

These are awesome, thanks for making them!

(raraRILEY) #71

I found some of Adams notes:

“The world itself is a globe, like ours, and if you sail north of the Court of Coins’ most northern outpost,
you’ll find yourself at the southmost territories of the Court of Swords.
In the west, the deserts and mighty cities of the Court of Wands and in the east, the great expanses of sea and islands that make up the Court of Cups.”

So i think you got the court of swords and court of coins the wrong way round!

(raraRILEY) #72

Never mind I just saw the N on the World card. But that means wands and cups are the wrong way round :smiley:

(AdamKoebel) #73

I think i’ve since retconned this and the world is flat?

(Elyoslayer) #74

i say we make the Court of Swords world a donut :laughing: , but yeah apart from jokes from the latest episodes it seems pretty apparent that the world is modeled after the flat earth model that people in medieval ages constructed, with the sun, moon, sky and stars being complimentatory metaphysical existances to the model of the world and not actually as “physical” bodies as we think of them today. (Feel free to correct me if i am wrong on that)

(AdamKoebel) #75

there’s a ton of literal/metaphorical crossover in the world of Court of Swords - like the sun is literally a huge fire but also metaphorically a reflection of the qualities of light and warmth? A river is a river but also a god but also just water.

(sythmaster) #76

So Imix is taking a nap in space? #confirmed


(putridcheese) #77

Ey! I’m gonna be burned alive for representing the world as spheroid. Such an unorthodox way to represent the world. :sunny:

(AdamKoebel) #78

I feel like “the World” is a globe but “the place where all people and animals live” is flat