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Thank you TotalBiscuit

I’ve spent this evening wondering what is worth saying and why I never said it sooner, but it feels wrong not to acknowledge that TB connected me to RollPlay, Twitch, and roll20. Those additions to my life, along with his videos, have brought me immeasurable joy over many years, for which I will always be grateful. Rest well good sir.


While TB was not directly connected to the way I found RollPlay, he was the path through which I found Twitch, and I’ve listened to him since back when he was doing parody songs on WoW Radio, and I’ve watched every single TGS/co-optional podcast. He was a constant source of entertainment, discussion and information and he’ll be missed. I can imagine that for many of the people who are or have been on the RollPlay show, who are personal friends of his, this will be an even stronger felt thing. Bloody sad to see cancer take someone that young. As Landwalker said,

Rest well, good sir.

He also lead me to RollPlay with Dark Heresy and I doubt I would have reignited my love of RPGs if not for that fateful crossover. I am grateful for all TB did for the gaming community as a whole and look forward to seeing what comes of his legacy.