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Tales from the Wild Blue Yonder

Would these tales also be of the same universe of Blades? Perhaps the world before the cataclysm?

Same world, yep! Far in the future from Blades-time.

Brilliant! Everything about this IP is amazing!

For those not familiar:

Lady Blackbird

Magister Lor

Lord Scurlock

I’ve been thinking about them as in-universe science fiction, but it’s cool to hear they’re actually in the world!

Coincidentally, do you have a lot of the overall “timeline” played out for the universe, or is it just the two points? (Doskvol late-800s and the far future of Blackbird?)

I have some rough ideas about various parts of it.

I just had a wonderful session of Lady Blackbird myself. It ended with the gang (Vance / Kale / Snargle) catching up with Uriah Flint returning from a raid on the Imperial islands to the west. A bar in downtown Nightport was shot up by a group of vigilantes, lead by a certain Commander Arcy that our Vance had history with. Earlier, Arcy had told Vance that they were planning on going after Flint, and tried to recruit him for their vigilante crew. Vance shot Flint on the way out, without any of the others noticing.

A year later, Kale and Naomi have become a thing, as have Natasha and Vance. The latter have bought a house of their own in Haven, and everything was fine until Arcy showed up with a big rifle. Now things have gone from good to bad. We’ll see where we go from here.

Edit: More than anything, it’s made me want to run a game of Blades set on Nightport. It just feels like the right kind of place.

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