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System suggestion The One Ring


(Aquila_21) #1

Have JP, Adam, or any Rollplay peeps ever looked at The One Ring as a possible system to have on the show?

I've recently picked up most of the books for it, played a session after really enjoying reading through the core book, and I realized I've never really seen anyone talk about it when systems to play comes up. I know JP at least enjoys the setting since he bought the box set of the extended editions of the movie trilogy which is mainly why I thought to bring it up for Rollplay.

In my opinion in the same way that I think FFG star wars systems do star wars really well TOR does Tolkien even better. I'm mainly curious about if it's ever been considered though I'd understand if it wasn't simply due to the wealth of systems out there.

I do think it would require a certain cast that are used to more serious roleplaying, because it does expect you to play in a certain way and understand that this isn't as high powered as a lot of other systems though I absolutely don't think it requires anybody to be a Tolkien expert to enjoy even a completely new person would probably be fine if they read the core book thoroughly .

In particular the Darkening of Mirkwood campaign would be fantastic to watch the rollplay crew take a swing at imo since it's easily one of the best campaigns if not the best I've ever read beating out even the Great Pendragon Campaign. Though it is minimum 30 sessions, and more likely twice that to complete, (takes place over 30 years) so it might be a little long to have on.

Anyways, what does everyone else think?

(StillAnotherOne) #2

In general I'd probably agree it's worth a look (haven't played it myself though), but I think there is a bit of a problem with the pacing in the system (when streaming it). I've got the impression it's a rather slow burn imo and retaining viewer interest might be a bit of a problem.

It's got lots of neat idea and tries different things than most other Systems I know, but I'm not sure it's suited for streaming.

(Uracil0) #3

If Jp wants to make a show in Middle-earth but wants to use a familiar rule set they could also use Adventures in Middle-earth which is a 5e "extension" with new classes etc. by the same company which made The One Ring.

(Aquila_21) #4

I would suggest not. D&D is probably the worst system for doing actual Tolkien even though I think the cubical 7 guys did a good job there with the conversion. That and there's already a D&D show in court of swords and it's pretty frequently chosen for one shots.

(Aquila_21) #5

I could see that, though I would argue that some of the more popular shows i.e. mirrorshades and swan song were also fairly slow burners (at least the way those groups played them) as well compared to other rpg's and other shows JP's done. I'd also say that from my experience and from reading the darkening of mirkwood campaign it seems easier to plan around having a specific end which seems to be the direction JP wants to head but most of the shows struggle with as they go on.

(DarthSinistrous) #6

Just because I would love a Lord of the Rings show I wanted to mention "The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Game" as another system for adventures in the world of Arda. This one is a 2d6 system. As I've never played The One Ring system I don't know how it compares, but having played this one I found it pretty amazing. But either way, YES a LotR show NEEDS to happen. PLEASE JP!

(StillAnotherOne) #7

Fair points all around :slight_smile:

@DarthSinistrous: the dice mechanics in TOR are 1-5 d6's + 1d12 if memory serves, so purely on that basis it shouldn't be much more difficult. But TOR might take a bit of an effort to actually get into, so there's that.