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SWN Stats - Which factions will you join


(Kol_Saresk) #61

I figured “House Serpens, Nightcrawler teleporting assassins, gonna be pretty sweet.” Totally did not realize it’s the biggest Minor House lol

(SorenFP) #62

I’ll be joining the UPC. Down with the Empire and Noble Houses! Down with the Corporations and Criminal Syndicates! Down to all those who exploit the toiling masses of the sector! Long live the people, their righteous fury, and the Unified People’s Collective!

(equusmule) #63

Need you, because if we didnt have the corps, who would we rob??

(sythmaster) #64

Dealing with Fractions in a pool like that is going to get super annoying after a while. It is a nice idea to help those who constantly don’t get into the action they want, but its just going to be a pain getting a fraction of a fraction of a fraction back.

My Suggestion: Keep it whole numbers. So like, everyone gets 10 points each round. you can spend 1 point at a time, if the action you spend on is not the highest one you get half back rounded down. (so 1 point spent gets nothing returned. 2 gets 1, three gets 1, etc. etc.) Way easier on the math and we don’t have to deal with decimal points.

([SWN2] Brutus) #65

The pack grows!

([SWN2] Brutus) #66

The pack grows!

(Twitch: no742617000027) #67

ALL YOU BEAUTIFUL RED DOGS: Hit me up on Discord (@no742617000027), I’ll make a group chat so we can start organizing things :>

(Mrcowabungaa) #68

You can always join a non-House faction. RP a corporate overlord or something, that could be fun.

(Mrcowabungaa) #69

Not seeing a whole lot of love for the Prism Network, but I might just join that one. Why? Because information is power, my dudes. Let’s play puppet masters and toy with every other faction’s intel network, because the results of that make good TV. And loads of profit of course.

And just a minor note but I hope that the faction I’m going to join doesn’t expect you to RP in full ‘creepyastrix’ style so to speak. I’m not personally down to first-person RP an actual character from that faction, I just want to third-person RP the faction as a whole.

And can I just say how jealous I am of Adam being able to run a SWN game with this many factions? Because I’m starting my own soon too (shamelessly inspired on this show’s premise as it was announced like a week or so ago, but as I see now with quite a few differences already) , but I have to limit myself to like 6/7 factions so I won’t make my head spin during the faction turns.

(VyRe40) #70

Have fun with your new game! Honestly, managing that many factions isn’t too bad as long as you just keep a log of what’s going on and have their goals in order - it’s really not much worse than managing NPCs, and you only have to do it every so often.

Also, you can add more factions as they become relevant over the course of your campaign to ease you in. “Oh, the players did a lot of stuff with this corporation I just made up. Hrm, I’ll give them some stats and put them onto the faction turn.”

(apepi) #71

Yeah, I would love to write newscast for the other factions giving them news what happened during the faction turn and such, that could be fun.

(Mrcowabungaa) #72

Writing newscasts to describe what happens? You have to think a little bigger, darling! Judging by the description of Prism it’s news, TV, online streaming, gaming, movies, social media and freakin’ Cambridge Analytica all rolled in one!

So we’re not just going to write the news to show what happened. Oh no, Prism is going to tell them what they’ll think has happened. Think of all the spin-doctoring, the blackmail opportunities, the extortion… The list goes on and on my friend. It’ll be delicious. All for fun and profit! And power, so much power.

@VyRe40 Thanks! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my group will enjoy it, it’s quite the jump from the standard “save the country from monsters” D&D 5e campaign that the current GM is running now. You’re right about adding factions, I’ve already taken that into account. I can already see my own “Houses Minor” faction splitting up for instance or some underground pro-Confederacy (I’ve got a Traitor House faction that started its own ‘democratic’ republic on the edge of imperial territory guarded by a scary superweapon) becoming a proper faction somewhere down the line. But it depends wholly on the players, yeah. But for now I can’t see myself running like 14 factions, NPCs in other games usually don’t have that many potential interactions and conflicts with each other. And sadly I don’t have a bunch of minions community members to run it for me.