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SWN New Equipment, Psychic Disciplines, and Mechanics


(UmbraSanctum) #1

I've created, found and consolidated a few optional new things to add to SWN if anyone thinks it'd be worth cherry picking out of in case you'd like to spice up your own game.

Let me know if this would be helpful to the upcoming SwangSong reboot, and I'll post away. I'm sure there'd be a couple things @AdamKoebel or some of the cast would find fun to implement.

To summarize:
I've made three new fully fleshed disciplines, numerous weapons (including many gunnery weapons and psitech weapons), gun attachments, as well as a system to implement building custom melee weapons. The latter two had existed and have been built upon. Results in my own games have shown to be overwhelmingly positive. Again, let me know if this sounds interesting.

(banned) #2

Why not just post it anyways?

(LeStario) #3

I mean if anything, it would also be useful to everyone else!

(Kvotheemberhart) #4

Yeah I'd love to have a look please.

(UmbraSanctum) #5

Almost forgot about this. Whoops.

Here's the link, feel free to make a copy for yourself.

Let me know if you have any questions, and also if you've created your own SWN material, I'd love to take a look. :slight_smile: