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SWN - House Serpens

The House Serpens
Pierce The Veil

The Emperor is dead. We killed him. Like a rotting appendage to the body we excised him from the Empire. The Fangs of House Serpens did what everyone else was too paralyzed by indecision to do. The unconscionable act of allowing the creation and proliferation of the Synthetic Menace sealed his fate and it was OUR House who put a stop to it. You may think we overstep. What right have we to depose His Imperial Majesty? By whose authority do we murder a Messiah? Those of you who call us Heretics will never know the answer. For you lack the sight to understand.

The visions of the Oracular council were absolute. There was not a single thread of possibility our Compilers could find that did not lead to the absolute destruction of Humanity at the hands of its own creations. We stood at the precipice of The Veil and did what needed to be done for the survival of our species. For this we are hated. A hatred born of the ignorance of children. Of those who are not besieged by the maelstrom of precognition.

It matters not. Bring those among you who are afflicted to us, and we will use our gifts to heal them. Bring us those that are beyond repair, and we will give them shelter. Despite your animosity, we WILL continue to shelter you. Illuminate the ground you blindly tread and fight the horrors you cannot conceive of. We do this because you and I are the same.

And I say to you, if it is heresy to save ourselves, than it is Gods will we all die.
-Auditor Serpens Hakazuchi Daimon