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Swansong interactive map


(DreadfullyAwful) #1

Hey everyone!

I'm trying to find the Swansong interactive map that used to be at the dropbox link - - that is no longer available.

Would anyone happen to have a copy floating about?

(TheDesec) #2

try to ping @AdamKoebel (I just did it for you), since he posted that link on reddit back in the day

(DreadfullyAwful) #3

Sorry but what do you mean by ping? Not really familiar to this forums lingo or really twitch lingo for that matter.

(Breenvyu) #4

The sector generator Adam used is here: If you use the seed 1A0XKO5 you can re-create the map that way. It won't have anything Adam changed from the original map, such as star names, but it should otherwise be close enough.

(TheDesec) #5

If you write usernames with an @ in front, it gives them a notification in the top right and marks the username like so: @DreadfullyAwful
If you start with an @ and then start typing, you can just scroll though matches to select the user.

I don't know what to call it... ping, notice, summon...

(DreadfullyAwful) #6

Thanks @Breenvyu, this helps a ton!

And thanks @TheDesec, I'll remember this for the future if I have any further queries. But I think I have what I need

(Twitch: no742617000027) #7

Also check out this site:

Stumbled upon it when I was preparing for my current SWN campaign. Didn't end up using it because I already set up a sector, but it seems like a cool tool for generating new ones.

(Twitch: adfraech) #8

I've got the original html file if you (or anybody else) still need it.