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Swan song is SOOO good


(FromJana) #1

After the live show I went back and started watching Swan song from the begging because I didn't saw any episodes before. I really enjoy it! I can't believe I missed it live and in the same time I am so happy having so many episodes to listen to. The characters are great. Anyone else watching for the first time?

To those who are not sure if they should jump into it I highly recommend it. I was hesitant at first to jump into such a long show but it is 100% worth it. I laugh out loud all the time when I am outside listening to it on mobile and people look at me strangely. It is great!

(banned) #2

If you're going backwards I heartily recommend you take up Dark Heresy, it's a short run and so worth it.

(uncecio) #3

I did the same thing! I've loved it! I really enjoyed the relation between Piani and Pi that Adam shaped like a real child.
I was thinking in a future it could be interesting a scifi show black mirror based, that highlight the implications of new technologies and new social behaviors (social media etc etc)

(VyRe40) #4

Swan Song really is one of the gems of Rollplay history, IMO. It does so many different things so well.

(Twitch: cyan_83) #5

Couldn't agree more, if you haven't watched it, treat yourself and enjoy the ride. There are so many story arcs and moments that will get you laughing. It's hands down my favorite RPG show.

(FromJana) #6

I've already seen Dark heresy, it was great as well, TB roleplaying was fun to watch.

(FromJana) #7

Yeah, I also love the relationship between Piani and Pi and also I weirdly really like Higgins and his confused moments. Somehow I like his optimism, even though it is most of the time based in dumbness.

(BorisIgnatievich) #8

I actually started it yonks ago then fell off qafter a few eps. Live I skipped, but it did force me to go back and listen more. Only finsihed week 5 but its real fun so far :itmejp10:

(uncecio) #9

I think higgis is a complex character, like you say what he does is confused and not always with a specific purpose (not to speak his murderous tendency) but in the end is a direct person sincere in a way, loyal to his nature. In all his dumbness i think there are some moments that can make us relate with him

(disusedgenius) #10

I decided to re-watch this after the Live show too. I'm at week 25 and can confirm, for anyone wondering: it is and remains The Shit.

(uncecio) #11

what do you guys think that Pi did in the end? i may be optimist but i believe they care so much about piani and the crew that the merge with the warmind went well and they manage to pacify him

(LeStario) #12

Swan Song was my in to RollPlay, so I concur and am happy that you have found as much joy in it as I :slight_smile:

(FromJana) #13

I hope so as well.

Human beings are complicated - we do awful hurtful stuff sometimes, but usually there is some sort of "good reason" underneath. We are just desperate and unaware of how to get what we want, so we turn to violence. I hope that Pi having more computing power than humans would be able to stay connected to the "good", figure our how to save everybody and not be overpowered by the Warminds urge to destroy.

(uncecio) #14

I still think that if there was one reason for Pi to don't be overcome by the warmind it would be just the connection they have with the crew and in particular piani. I believe they don't care about humanity at all. Also we could argue that "good" is relative :stuck_out_tongue:
we are not good, we survive, we bend nature and everything we have around to ensure our survival in a better condition for us

(FromJana) #15

I also think good is relative, by "good" I ment "good in this case from my point of view" - survival of the Swan song crew...

(Now I think I am little bit like Pi - I know the crew, enjoy their escapades and not really care about other people that may die on the way... Well I care a little. But not much.)

On the question of "are we good/bad" - if it is like you say and we bend everything to survive, the final judgement depends on what you think of survival. I think that most people would say survival is good, but there are good and bad ways to go about it.

Anyway I don't think it helps so much to judge if something is good or bad, what seems to be important is to find ways how to resolve conflicts so that everyone gets what they want and don't carry on pain that creates more pain elsewhere.

(uncecio) #16

i agree, i also always like more the grey between black and white , reality is complicated and this is one of the reason i liked the crew so much, few people stumbling around the universe trying to do the beast thing for the ones they care.
What i meant to say is that i would't judge pi for maybe deciding to put an end to humanity though i really hope otherwise :slight_smile: