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Survey about people who watch

Hey, I am currently working on my bachelor thesis and I am doing a survey. It’s called “How sponsorship affects viewership on”. It would mean a lot to me if you would take your time and fill out this survey. Also feel free to share this survey further, it will be up for a few days. If you have any questions please ask me here or on my e-mail as I provided in the intro of the survey.

Survey here

Thanks very much!
Also I hope that it’s okay that I posted it here.

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Already a few people filled it out which I am thankful for. As I said, it will be up for few days so if you guys are interesting in it you can still do it :slight_smile: Thanks

If you don’t mind me asking, what led you to use a 4 point scale rather than the standard 5 point Likert?

There were a few questions where my answer was “don’t care/know” but that wasn’t an option, so you’ve got slightly skewed results from me (I tended to click slightly agree on those but thats not really “true”)


No worries, as it’s for my bachelor’s thesis and I have a supervisor who has done a lot of researches already, he suggested me that I use the 4 point scale as a lot of people would just choose the middle ground. I don’t have that much of an experience as he does, so I listened to him.

Thanks for the question man. :slight_smile:


Survey has a great success and it will still be up for more days :slight_smile: Thanks again very much everyone who finds their time to fill it out! You are awesome