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Super-fast Recap of the first 100 CoS Episodes

This was asked for on JP’s stream, so I thought I would share it here. I still recommend watching everything if at all possible, but if you want a quick recap, here it is.

Once upon a time there were three magistrates in the Court of Swords sent to check out rumors of necromancy. Despite their abundant caution, not only did they not defeat the budding necromantic power, but they, and nearly everyone around them died. But this won’t be important again until like episode 90.

Next, we are brought upon a group of slaves (including Ramus) in disputed territory between the Court of Swords and the Court of Coins. They are basically meant to find ways to end the dispute in the CoS’s favor. They aren’t the best at their job. One of them, a half-orc fighter with amazing stats named Wester, gets his neck snapped on their first mission. He is replaced by Berg, who has terrible stats and everyone jokes will be around forever. Joke was on them, he is unkillable. Geoff’s character is killed next and he leaves the show. Sean creates a pompus wizard and is immolated within his premier episode. His death allows JP’s slave character to be freed through a magical artifact. Instead, the completely randomly generated gnome ranger, Persnidgetron, joins alongside the npc Azure Vortex. She is important to Berg, as either a friend or love interest depending on who you ask. Snidge’s mission is to free his people from the rock gnome king. Unfortunately, rock gnomes are best in caves. Everybody but Snidge, Berg, and Azure die.

JP, Dan, and Max make a bunch of angel characters to help the other party. They eventually meet-up, and move deeper into the caves. Rust monsters happen. Berg gets scarred for life. Then the rock gnome king dies, but so does everybody except Snidge, Berg, and Dan’s angel character. Berg gets his hammer, The Apology of Emperor Fei. They forget Azure’s magic orb that they were originally supposed to bring back to their handlers. Oops.

Berg and Azriel (Dan’s angel) meet up with JP’s new character, a kenku. They basically become the lap-dogs of a gangster (in service of The Devil arcana, not to be confused with the western devil, it is a Heavenly entity) named Grasping Hands. They work with Morgan’s character to re-awaken a Primordial serpent. They also lose Chuckles, a magical ivory elephant carving that could turn into an elephant. They will never get him back. Then the three of them (minus Morgan’s character) go back into the rock gnome cave to get the orb back. This is universally acknowledged as a mistake. They do get some cools buffs though, including a Farang passenger inside Berg. They eventually meet some kind of mechanical dragon chained in a wall. Everybody but Berg dies, and Berg crits a stealth to escape. He then meets the mysterious Hazaan (who has been in the background for a while, hinted at here or there), and is offered a job with The Tower. Berg takes it.


Ramus is now a soulless husk, but is back with Berg. They are in the City of Brass, giant magical capital of the Court of Wands, serving the tower. They meet up with Anne’s halfling character to deal with a vampire manor. Anne’s character becomes a vampire. Berg’s arm turns to stone. Jp’s character dies, and they kill the vampire.

Primordial stuff happens. It is important for background, but set in the distant past, so I will skip it here. It does involve JP losing three characters in 3 episodes though, so the system is changed to make deadliness of encounters less prominent.

Zeke joins the show when this new roleplay-centric change is made. He plays Kalimat, a dragonborn who is one of the last of his kind. JP plays a tortle wizard, and comes with great spells like that sweet, sweet tiny hut. Don’t get used to it. They meet up with Berg and Ramus, and eventually get toyed around by some Wizards with a capital W. In the magical domain of one of them, Kalimat releases a psionic space-elf (think Protoss), and the group meets/frees the Primordial Agni. She is universally acclaimed as the best by the audience. She makes berg’s stone arm functional (METAL ARMS!), and blesses Ramus with fire-resistance (handprint burned to his face). Berg also kinda wrecks his hammer by dipping it in a fake Fountain. Oops? They then destroy the domain. Bigger oops? They barely escape with their lives.

Desert wandering happens. Ramus puts all of his gear in a bag of devouring. They even meet a traveling band of free orcs. Kalimat meets their leader more than others. Berg’s hammer becomes a psionic weapon, Tulpa’s conduit (Tulpa is his farang soul-passenger).

Meanwhile, the City of Brass is burning. The Tower wants to destroy everything, the other arcana want to save the city, the Farang want to take over, and the Mara want to take advantage. The party aligns with The Tower, and eventually Berg kills his and Ramus’s former master. Ramus gets a bunch of cool rings and a key to Heaven. The party also picks up the reincarnation of Azure Vortex, and Kalimat keeps her close as he can. JP’s tortle (Salihafa) goes into the archives of The Sun to find out more about the Farang, and the primordial sleeping under the city. He meets a god of forgetting. Kalimat and Berg eventually kill it, but not until after Salihafa is dead. Ramus tries to bring him back, but Salihafa chooses to remain dead. Kalimat goes a little crazy, but starts following the fate set in front of him.

JP should have made a new character at this point, but for some reason I can’t remember anything about him. How odd. Anyway, the 4? of them meet up with some Berg-worshipping orcs, and then go into The Devil’s vault. Berg gets rid of Tulpa by drinking a potion that immediately kills him. Oops? Berg goes directly to Heaven where he meets the God of Bad Luck and Emperor Fei. He goes through a training montage and time passes differently for him. He looks like a more perfect, older Berg. His hammer and he alike have become the Hammer of Heaven. He then goes to fight the older brother of the Bad Luck god (the Bad Luck god loves Berg, which is why bad things kept happening to him), the God of Good Luck. Berg can’t make the rolls, so he is sent back to the mortal realm. Meanwhile, the others gain equipment and knowledge they will find helpful (including the location of Ramus’s soul-jar in Heaven and the location of a door matching the key to Heaven, in the monastery of the Sun in the CoS). They also have some nameless ancient man join them. They had lost the reincarnated Azure at some point and Kalimat trades a previously acquired magical dagger to get her back.

The party reunites with Hammer of Heaven Berg. They go to kill the four leaders of the Court of Wands in order to release a barrier. They are confronted by the leader of the Farang and somehow win the fight. They then bring the ancient man and the bodies of the rulers (the ancient man’s siblings) back to Hazaan in the Tower. The ancient man is the other half of Hazaan (Ramus-stlye split-soul situation), and kills him to become whole again. He also takes the power of his siblings. Oops. The party summons the Primordial of the mountain under the city and kill him (along with pretty much everything else). Berg has run away at this point, but the Primordial swears to not harm Kalimat and Ramus due to various blessings. JP’s character doesn’t have such blessings, but for whatever reason I remember him being unafraid, and the Primordial respecting that.

Kalimat goes off (on his own, I guess?) to find out more about dragons. He ends up going blind and eating a cross-dimensional summoning bell or something similar. Dan has a cool hexblade lady, and Max has a forest gnome who hates Sean’s new empire. They work with some cult who are interested in the bell, and eventually go off on a mission. Max’s character gets fed-up with the needless killing and goes into the forest. Dan’s cool hexblade lady dies, but might come back with help from the cult. Kalimat kills a little girl who had a Heavenly God sealed inside him, and gets a wish for thanks. Kalimat gets turned into a storm dragon egg and goes to Heaven with the god.

Ramus is in a bad way. His lack of soul is destroying him. He meets up with a Goliath fighter, Maharib, and a drunken master elephant monk, Yotta Zou. They get attacked by undead as they cross into the Court of Swords from the Court of Coins. They obtain an odd green potion from the undead troops. They meet Berg in a nearby city, and get noodles from Doug’s noodle cart. Berg also accidentally starts a new cult, by using miraculous heaven energy on a peasant. Eventually the party goes to the Temple of the Moon there, and it is a mess. Yotta and Rib have a fight, where Rib demolishes Yotta’s HP and confidence. Some monks jump Yotta later on and Ramus immolates them. They are excused by the head of the temple for this transgression and are sent along the mystical moon bridge to a temple closer to their destination: the monastery of the Sun.

After a treacherous journey through the moon bridge, the destroyed temple on the other side, and the swamp leading to the jungle, we reach episode 100. There, the party meets up with an arch-wizard hiding in the jungle who eventually will analyze the green potion. They also learn more about the state of the Court of Swords and the rise of the Necromancer King. The necro army now holds the monastery. Instead of running in to a fight, they decide to go find the worshipers of flame, The Embers of Imix, first. Also, Yotta teaches Berg and Rib that true strength is more than the STR stat, by showing them his resistance to poison.

After a week of travel, the group arrives at the base of the Embers’ cell. Rib immediately calls forth an emissary of Imix, in order to restore the ancient pact between the primordials and his people, the giants, so they may wage war on Heaven. In order for this to happen, Rib must prove his strength by fighting a fire dragon. Everyone is frozen in fear, but Yotta uses his inner strength to break it, and confronts the beast. Rib notices this, and passes his people’s heirloom to Yotta to use on the dragon. The dagger deals a great blow, but also exhausts Yotta’s HP and permanently drains all of his color. Ramus brings Yotta back up, and casts harm on the Dragon. Berg is so frustrated by his fear that he lets out a great yell, giving advantage to all of his allies on all rolls for the next round. Rib has 6 attacks when using action surge. This means no more dragon. Rib doesn’t kill it, however, cementing an alliance with the Embers.

Yotta learns that his father is alive but aligned with the necro army. Ramus learns that Agni and the Embers can’t help his soul situation, and instead turns to Heaven. With Divine Intervention, he gets the Tower to restore his soul. Unfortunately, that means it was returned to The Wheel, and he was reincarnated as a monkey. The husk of Ramus was not saved. After returning to the arch-wizard, we learn that she has aligned with the necro army and is leaving. She also learned that the green potion would kill anyone but Ramus and would instead restore hi- HEY WAIT, RAMUS! LET HER FINISH BEFORE DRINKING THAT! Too late, Ramus goes into a coma. He spiritually meets with the necromancer king, and their is now a fake upper-soul in his body. He is fully restored.

Everybody is level 11 now. Let’s find out what happens next tomorrow at 6PM ET!


This is amazing. Thank you very much!

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You are very welcome! Hopefully the posts are useful.

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