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Suggestions: props for Nebula Jazz Live

Aureylian is in charge of set design again for the next live show and she’s looking for suggestions on Twitter.

Some of the ones I like: slime, jars, blood splatter, and a toy robo-dog for Sparky.

There should be evidence of one of Rex’s many violent matings with Thuja.

Qin’s jars of emotion.
Family photo of Aurora with her robot family.
Eugene’s slime-letters.
Rex’s face mask.
The Scepter.
Sparky, remote control dog,

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How about that tip jar from Kutul’s shop.

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Not sure how feasable but I like the bar setting but at each break the bar is slowlly destroyed.

Nickelodeon style slime shower. It s Erin. If someone can make this happen, its her.

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I would like an ailien planet somewhere in the background. It feals like a core thing to nebula jazz with a new planet almoste every show.

And a Michael Jackson jacket somewhere :wink:

1980ies vinyl albums.

A stuffed penguin. In memory of the one Rex ate :itmejplol:


An picture of a person drowning with rex not lending a hand.

A little beach chair and a cocktail glass with an umbrella because Margheritaville.
Maybe the rocket the slimes build to get back to the motherslime?

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Maybe a little much, but there was an entire episode dedicated about them being sucked up into the matrix, and ending up in a 1950’s perfect family tv-show.

So maybe one of those old TV’s to represent that?
Just thinking out loud here.

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