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Suggestions for E3 Dropped Frames Bingo

JP mentioned on stream today - “What if there was a Dropped Frames E3 bingo?”

The general response in chat was positive. So if anyone has suggestions for options on the bingo please list them below, and we can see how possible it is to make :itmejphappy:

You can have options you think will happen in the shows or maybe something you think the cast will do.


maybe 1 sheet for all of e3 instead of one for each show or maybe 1 for each day? :thinking:

  • EA will show the Star Wars games that are not Battlefront 2 ( This is possibly too easy coz they should be showing them after the tease last year. So I have to rework it)

  • new IP from Bethesda

  • KOTOR 3

  • EA sports demo is over 15 mins

  • Ubisoft dancing

  • Gameplay demo tech issues

  • “Cloud Gaming”

  • New metroid


Celebrity Endorsement

Telling not Showing

Collectible Card Games


Awkwardness level OVER 9000! (bad hype etc.)

Inception sound effect

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  • Ea brings on a sports celebrity
  • Sound is not in sync
  • Radio tower mechanics (think ubisoft)
  • Beam integration from MS
  • Nervous indie devs on mainstage

BloodBorn 2
Sony “we love indies segment”
Kickstart this project now! Promoted by Sony TM


Bethesda reveals new Wolfenstein game.

Fallout 4 VR ISN’T given a release date.

Contrary to announcements, Overwatch DOES have a presentation and Doomfist is revealed.

A presentation goes for 5 minutes before realizing there is no audio on Twitch.

EA Sports takes a backseat to Star Wars for once.

Aisha Tyler doesn’t show up.

An announcement makes a Dropped Frames member audibly gasp.