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[Suggestion] Discord Video Calls

As the title says, my proposition is to transfer from Skype to Discord video calls. Currently only 20% of users have access to it, however all Nitro users and Discord Partners are included in that poll. Additionally, only one person in a call must have it.
I think the main reason behind switching to Discord video calls is the voice quality. While testing it myself I haven’t noticed any quality loss, same with the camera. I feel like it would be a nice improvement to the show, since you could see people “complaining” about voice sometimes. Let me know what you think about it! I hope to see it on next Dropped Frames.

Isn’t the discord video like the google hangout calls where it places the person talking on the main screen with the others on the call on a lower bar of images?

I think I heard JP saying that is not as good for show overlays as skype where the video windows stay in their locations.

unless there is a “static camera position” mode, it’s kinda hard to use in current show format. But Discord video call is still in beta so probably we could send feedback and one day maybe we can get it

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That’s actually something I was worried about, gonna grab 3 friends this evening and test it out.

Also, if you’re testing with more than 2 people for the first time, pay attention if the audio/video quality degrades. It’s possible that the available bandwith is split between all participants in a call.

I was part of the first testing group when they were working on the system. It DOES work like Google hangouts in standard mode, but you can change your option to have multiple displays. As far as quality everything looked and sounded great.


Tested it out, it does have 4 static feeds when enabling a right option. Attaching a screenshot. Didn’t hear any quality drops. However, I was getting weird bugs where sometimes I couldn’t hear one person anymore. It could be a bug of Discord Canary, since this is a build I’m on. Gonna test it on stable later too. With 3 men in convo static images were also working.