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[suggestion] @cast tag

Board feature idea: @cast tag!
Like the @moderators tag (*poke*), a tag to alert multiple people at once.

If used in the Blades sub-board, it would alert John, Zeke, Anne, Geoff and Wheat.*
If used in the CoS sub-board, it would alert Adam, Dan, JP and Max and maybe the current guest.*
Have this setup for every current show. I think this would be a neat little gadget. Not sure if possible.

*= At least the ones amongst them that are on the board!

Flip side: Might be a little spammy if overused. Maybe limit to one alert per topic per time period!?

It exists. At the moment it’s limited to only be used by moderators and above. Reason being since they’re all in the same group. We could setup a group for each show what do the lead @moderators think?

The only problem I think I have with it, is it may be able to be spammed

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Maybe ask the cast if they are OK with it?

While true. Using the @ tag for their regular names could also be spammed.
What we could do is limit it to admins and moderators. But that would sort of defeat the purpose.

We do have these in effect so spamming wouldn’t really be an issue. It also hasn’t been an issue so far.

Max mentions per post
Maximum number of @name notifications anyone can use in a post.
Maximum number of users that may receive a notification if a group is mentioned (if threshold is met no notifications will be raised)
Maximum number of @name notifications a new user can use in a post.

Like @blades, @swords, @jazz? I’d dig that!

Sort of. No one from the Jazz cast is here yet. Right now only Blades and Swords (main cast) are here. Use @RollPlay… followed by Blades or CoS (no space) to mention them.
Going to write up a post where I go over the user and group mention function. It’s better than just hoping that a mod/admin/cast member will see it randomly.