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Suggestion: Add tome of monster/encounters to Court of Swords

This is somewhat random, but for the past few episodes I’ve thought it would be cool if the party had magical tome (perhaps given to them by the Tower/Hazan) which would collect them monster information which they could then use if they ever encounter same or similar monsters.

The tome would of course require one of them to attune to it and the monster information would only appear in the book when a monster was slain while someone had the book attuned to them. The book would consume part of the monsters essence for instance after the encounter and the person wielding the book could then during combat or precombat use their action or bonus action to look at the information. Maybe as a bonus action you could see general info like hp range (or exact but hp range could be better. It could also become more accurate as they slay more of the similar monster?) ac and such and with a full action give a party member advantage against the creature by guiding towards a weakness.

Since the book would be Hazan’s when the party eventually TPK’s Hazan could just go pick it up and it could somehow end up in the new partys possession. (Maybe a nefarious deal)

The book could become somewhat of a progressing lore of what kind of encounters there have been in world of Court of Swords.

So what do you think?

Shameless tag of @AdamKoebel and @itmeJP :slight_smile:

I highly doubt Adam would allow a Pokédex in this setting. This would mean the characters would have access to player information and heavily disturb immersion. At least in my opinion.

However, I think it would be interesting to have a list, maybe a wiki page, that contains that information for any past enemies and encounters. There have been very statistic heavy posts already… it just depends on how much work someone is willing to pour into it.

Anyone can start a wiki in here, btw! :itmejplewd::itmejpnation:

I guess it would be cool to share stat blocks for monsters already encountered. You can use the homebrewery for that and share it here.

Let’s be fair though, they are just a group of randoms that happen to carry out tasts, they are neither Deckard Cain nor Geralt the mothafuckin witcher that got trained his whole life and slays monsters for living while he can identetify and remember every possible monster, potion and herb. So i doupt logic would allow the characters to do something like this.