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Suggest a Moment for the RollPlay Animated Shorts


(Might be Captain Marvel) #22

From Nebula Jazz episode 2-

  • Dodger's Character Eugene losing the "E" and talking to Katul (spelling?)
  • Adam describing Kutul and his fake mustache
  • old lady Eugene

(Twitch: Bodyburger) #23

I think it was the original campaign where Vincent first dove underwater to search and attack a water dragon. Then consumed a potion of speed or something and Usain bolted out of the water. Whole fight ended roughly for Bregor and the boys. Definitely one of the most memorable fights for me in Rollplay.
I should watch those again..

(Might be Captain Marvel) #25

Blades week 10 -
Geoff's failed Sway roll - Carriless and the Bluecoat [vod link 2h19m in is the start] maybe the end should be till 2h24m

It's not a funny moment but wow Aldo and Rune communicating with Aldo's sister Belle would be my suggestion if a serious moment is considered for animation. [week 10 4th part of the show around 3h20mins]

(Might be Captain Marvel) #26

Court of Swords week 31
GassyMexican: " I am going to google birds with dark vision" [ vod timestamp to the start of the conversation ] :itmejplol::itmejpmlg:

(Kol_Saresk) #27

TB's recent anime-esque performance in the Grim where he calmed down a crowd, and then proceeded to one-shot a combat servitor and no scope a criminal inside a building through a filled doorway.

(freckled1der90) #28

A little more of a serious one, but Aldo and Rune channeling Belle.

(DozzyB) #29

Higgs' Finger Gun scene. Where Eric hits the hyper boat racer's ship with a psychic blast and Higgs pretends it was him shooting it down with his finger.

(DrKross029) #30

Honestly I want to see the animated version of Higgins/JP trying desperately to snap the neck of the student when they where in the academy with the whole "don't get fucked" speech.

(Olf_Himself) #31

I want to see the final fight against the Rock Gnome King, especially Sean's rant.

(geooceanshaper) #32

How can we choose anything other than Kellan Wildlight's iconic "I AM A MAN!!!" roar? A lot of humour behind it, as well as easily identifiable with an iconic rollplay character.
It could either be from the initial "I am a man" moment in episode 9, or the follow up in episode 10 where he attacks the gibbering mouther; or perhaps even a mix of both.
If nothing else then we could see the Mouther get totally demolished by a blind archer.

(geooceanshaper) #33

Wait what am I talking about?! Its gotta be Higgs' finger gun taking down a spaceship!

(Twitch: acggryphon) #34

Lex++ throwing her laptop at the pazuzu

(Dalon9) #35

How about a music video to Lord Wyman's "Last time you tried"?

(TheJeroenBrouwer) #36

Saga of the Icelanders sex scene :wink:, blushing Shannon is best Shannon.

Sex Scene

(Twitch: eyearcana) #38

Never saw that before, that is hilarious.

(outro1) #39

I think a hysterical moment to animate would be a scene from Mirror Shades. After Bomb Threat gets to The Maginot Nightsass is looking for nuts and fails the roll... The whole situation is pure gold.

Start at 13:00 - 15:10

This moment is mostly funny because of the banter outside of the game, so it may not be the best option if you're looking to keep the animation strictly motivated by the fiction.

(Lutzy911) #40

I think when @iNcontroLTV died at the foot of @itmeJP in CoS by stepping on this neck, then cut over to day9 reading JP's email with the subject line "Geoff died today" and capturing his reaction would be fantastic.

(Possibly Batman) #41

Court of Swords - The floating skulls NPC scene :itmejp10:

(Possibly Batman) #42

Nebula Jazz - There's only one problem
Week 16, Hour 4
Rex vs the Octochef

(NinhDo) #43

[Nebula Jazz Week 16 SPOILERS] Clip