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Subscribable Calendar

(CorvinusLucian) #1

It would be great if the schedule had a subscribable calendar feature

(Twitch: LiveSpace) #2

Would something like a RSS feed be sufficient?

edit: We're looking into options. In the meantime there's an API for those that want to either help out or develop something on their own

(CorvinusLucian) #3

Have you got a link to the API?
An RSS feed is more for news headlines than a calendar, although there are resources available to convert the feed.
Preferably you'd want a iCalendar feed, best example I have is my F1 feed from F1 Fanatic, specifically (hendnaic1pa2r3oj8b87m08afg @

(Twitch: LiveSpace) #4

Indeed we do have an API. If you want it I'll send it in a PM :itmejphappy:

(CorvinusLucian) #5

That'd be great :wink:

I suppose I'll need to dust off my developer hat...

(Twitch: LiveSpace) #6

You should have it in your inbox now!

(JustTeaThankYou) #7

OK this bit me pretty hard: I don't watch JP normally (I'm asleep when he starts) and I don't always keep up on the twitters. I've relied entirely on the calendar link in my calendar to keep up with what's happening. I guess that's no longer working, because I completely missed last night's one shot :frowning:

So I am a dev. If you're willing to host code contributions from other people, I'm happy to look into converting your API into an ical file. The format is a bit of a pita, but I've dealt with it before a little. Let me know if you want help (or if @CorvinusLucian is already on the case) , what languages you're willing to host etc. I can PM you my GitHub etc.

(Twitch: LiveSpace) #8

Sorry about you missing the one shot :frowning:
You should have a PM with the API in a few seconds!

(crowly_) #9

into converting your API into an ical file

There are plenty of libraries out there that do the job for you, depending on which language you use. I use PHP and this:

If you want to convert the events to rss, this suites my needs:

(gladpingvin42) #10

Can I get a key? I have some free time this week and would like to give a shot at making a countdown thingy!

(JustTeaThankYou) #11

Hey all,

So I knocked something up that creates an ics calendar. You can use it here:

Some notes:
- You use it by either clicking the link to download the file, or adding the URL to your calendar software to have it polled and kept up to date. e.g.
- It is currently on the free heroku tier, so if it's asleep it will take ~30 seconds to boot before you get handed the ics file. Be patient
- It is most definitely in beta.
- To that point, it's not getting polled by Google as much as I'd like, which I think is cache header related. I'm going to look at it soon, when I find the time

The schedule, right now!
(Hirviniska) #12

Any new progress or solutions, official or unofficial?

(Twitch: LiveSpace) #13

Still working on getting this official in someway!

(crowly_) #14

I made a small php app that converts future events to an rss or ical file, intented to be run from a cron job / scheduled task. For those interested it's on github:

(Twitch: LiveSpace) #15

@crowly_ and @JustTeaThankYou

We have a Bitbucket open now. I have no idea what that means but I'll get any of you invited if it's possible to make it an official thing in some way.

(crowly_) #16

Bitbucket is the same thing as Github from what I can see.

(Xaphere) #17

Can you update the README with a setup instructions for the uninitiated in the php world.

In bitbucket you can have private repos without paying. Everything else is better on github.

(crowly_) #18

Depending on what you mean by "uninitiated", I presume those that want to use this have some coding knowledge, but I have added some notes about installing composer and the command to download the required packages and create the autoloader, so those unfamiliar with composer can get this running.

(Xaphere) #19

It's a lot better now.
Have some years of coding under my belt, but never touched php. I'm too scared of it. So I'm sticking with C++.

(crowly_) #20

Fix a few bugs, and updated the ical so start and end times are converted to your local or specified time zone just like the rss.