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Streamed/video CoS QnA


(boeiee) #1

With the CoS live live show coming up, I was wondering if there was an opportunity to do a streamed or recorded QnA with the whole cast. It would be interesting to hear some answers to questions from Dan and Max since its their first long DnD 5e campaign, From JP because he has not played with those before and maybe even from Day9 since hes on the show now too.

Just an idea :itmejphappy:,

(Twitch: eyearcana) #2

I second this good idea.

(Adrian00v) #3

I don't think its a good idea to stream it, since the story and the game should be the focus of the show, but I would love to see an QnA in one of the post shows.

(boeiee) #4

Oh, I agree it shouldnt be during the show itself, Was just thinking maybe as a pre-show or post-show, Either day early/later or same day

(Twitch: TilyPrice) #5

I believe they did one post show/Q&A with the players on the following day after the previous live live show. So probably they are going to do one this time too.