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Steven Lumpkin is doing a survey about streamed RPGs

(wolf_brother7) #1

Survey here.

The current results of the survey are here.

Some really interesting stuff;

  • Most people watch 1-2 streamed or podcast rpg shows weekly.
  • Most people are either engaged & like community participation or don’t engage at all, with very few disliking it.
  • Most watch streamed RPG content all in one sitting, and the plurality prefer 2-4 hrs worth of content but the numbers are very close. In general folks are looking for 1-4 hrs of content.
  • The single highest rated things that get people interested and keep watching rpg shows are good audio, the players, and the characters.
  • The vast majority (77% as of right now!) prefer a mix of mechanics crunch and free-form roleplay.
  • The number one reason other than being unable to keep up with viewing for people to stop watching is player (not character!) in-fighting.
  • People are looking for both non-D&D games, and more diverse play groups.

(leovaeg2) #2

I hope this is a precursor to Steven doing another show, I SORELY miss him on RollPlay, and especially the West Marches!!
His stuff on Roll4It is good (sky pirates), but not quite the same…

(Flint_Fireforge) #3

You should check out Jesse Cox’s YouTube…

(TheWorklessGamer) #4

And what are we looking for on Jesse Cox’s youtube? Do you have a video name?

(Twitch: eyearcana) #5

I don’t think it’s a secret.

(TheWorklessGamer) #6

Well I had no idea. And now I know what I am doing with my evening

(leovaeg2) #7

yeah, its a solid series so far, its got Jesse and also Geoff (InControl) :slight_smile: