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State of the game missing episodes?

(llamalicious) #1

Since incontrols passing ive been watching a bunch of state of the game - working on every episode he was in. It’s so fun to rewatch something i watched years ago. There are sadly quite a few of the early episodes missing and i feel like im losing out. Are they uploaded anywhere or is it possible to get them uploaded?

I miss incontrol, and state of the game was where i got introduced to him. I’d love to see the missing episodes i never had a chance to watch. it was a great show with great people :slight_smile:

(Labeled) #2

I don’t think they exist anywhere unless someone else saved them, maybe JP has them but doesn’t have much reason to re-upload them if he does.
I’d guess content was lost from moving platforms, as far as I can see it was ustream to blip(now defunct) to twitch.

(Scaryolive) #3

I was also going back to listen to SotG early episodes when I heard of Geoff’s passing. I also saw that Itmejp’s list is missing 5-28 so I went and looked in my personal archives and found the episodes since I was always downloading them to listen on the go back in the day. If Jp has lost those episodes I’d be happy to send them to him so he can complete the archive.