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Stars Without Number XP system

I’m starting a Stars Without Number campaign, but have not yet determined how I want to award XP to the players. My top choice right now is Adam’s goal system that he is currently using for Court of Swords and used for Far Verona S1. I feel like I want something else added that can be more consistent for the players and earned as a group, instead of individuals completing goals.

I vaguely remember a RollPlay show or campaign in which the GM asked questions at the end of the session. One of them keeps playing on loop in my head, “Did we learn anything new or interesting about the world?” but I cannot for the life of me remember the origin. Is it a Dungeon World thing? Was it even on a RollPlay show, or just something I read? I have no idea.
The point is, I like the idea of players answering questions to gain XP, but I want more than one. I’m pretty sure wherever this question came from included three questions.

My campaign is going to focused on exploration of the sector. (arbitrary Sectors Without Number link) The center of the sector is filled in, but all of the outer worlds are hidden from the players. I keep thinking of the world in relation to Elite: Dangerous; granting XP as a reward for exploration sounds great, I’m just not quite sure how to translate that into concrete mechanics.

Please let me know if you have any information about the origin of the questions for XP or any suggestions otherwise.
Thanks in advance!

Yes, that is a dungeon world thing, specifically the “End of Session” move

When you reach the end of a session, choose one of your bonds that you feel is resolved (completely explored, no longer relevant, or otherwise). Ask the player of the character you have the bond with if they agree. If they do, mark XP and write a new bond with whomever you wish.

Once bonds have been updated look at your alignment. If you fulfilled that alignment at least once this session, mark XP. Then answer these three questions as a group:

Did we learn something new and important about the world?
Did we overcome a notable monster or enemy?
Did we loot a memorable treasure?

For each “yes” answer everyone marks XP

edit: those are obviously pretty tailored to the fantasy dungeoneering that DW does, I’m sure other PBTA games have other questions

Awesome, thanks!