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Standardization for faction turn decisions. SWN

Hello fellow nerds and other enthusiasts!

The upcoming SWN show has got us all hyped about being able to actually interact with the show in a unique (quite brilliant) way. The discord server is a great way for us to be able to interact with each other but some of the discussions going on have gotten me worried. I’ll try keep it short:

We might need a decree from the top (Adam or JP) about how to decide the actions of our factions, or the mods and cast will have a lot of fires to put out in the upcoming future. Note that I’m just saying that the actual decision making should be standardized, not the way in which decisions are suggested. I believe that anything other than a democratic vote on the presented solutions will lead to problems in the future.

Here’s the reason why I’m making this post:

Not even a month in, there’s a noticeable pattern that a few people are talking and giving suggestions, whereas a lot of the others are silent. This is all good and fine, this is the way people are – some talk more, others less. Some get engaged more, others just wanna sit along for the ride.
The problem is that I’ve noticed a tendency towards an unequal power distribution in the house I’m in. There has been talk about specific councils being voted and then later that the final decision on faction action will fall on one person only.

The point of this endeavor is as far as I know that everyone should feel equally included, no matter how much they want to be engaged in the actual role playing. If you’re a more engaged role player, you will by default put out more suggestions, you will have more knowledge et cetera. If you put forward your suggestions based on your knowledge and enthusiasm, this should be enough for you to sway the voters of your faction.

By letting everyone’s vote count equally, new patreons and others will feel that they’re instantly included into the universe. Then, by listening, reading and talking to other community members they will eventually gain knowledge and perhaps immerse themselves more. Perhaps they’ll start putting out their own suggestions. But in the end every person’s vote should count equally.
Don’t get me wrong - there should be differences among the factions. Things such as diplomats and other responsibilities can totally be divided however every faction wants.
But any form of faction structure that does not base their faction turn decision on democratic vote will lead to major problems up ahead. People will feel ostracized, will lose interest, perhaps unsubscribe because of being pissed off etc.

After all, we nerds aren’t famous for our social and diplomatic skills. We are however known for our ability to lawyer shit and be right. Let’s not let that ruin the game for those who don’t like to be right as much.

Please mods, cast and others responsible for this project, consider this.

I luv you all! Equally!

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