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Soooo I cosplayed Nightsass last year


(TheRogue163327) #1

Figured this might be cool to put here considering it has has already been on twitter. Plus Mirrorshades was dope and I’ll always miss it.

(Darkvlagor) #2

Wooow that’s so awesome ! Thanks for posting :itmejpgg:

(cryocaven) #3

Awesome! Mirrorshades was my first experience with the Shadowrun universe and it was so much fun to watch!

(AdamKoebel) #4

Yessssss! This is so good you are amazing.

(TheRogue163327) #5

Thanks!! I was very excited about it.

(TheRogue163327) #6

Thanks Adam!! She was very fun to embody for a night!!

(TheRogue163327) #7

Saaaaame I loved Mirrorshades