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Show broadcast time

(ferociousblazze) #1

So i just wanted to ask if this is going to be the final time slot for the blades show, couldn't find any definitive info -and if they addressed it during the show i haven't seen it yet- and the schedule doesn't show any shows for next week so couldn't get anything from there. I think it's a bit too late,or too early in the morning depending on how you see it, for eu viewers. It doesn't really matter to me as i am subscribed and can watch the vod later but i think a large portion of the viewers will be simply unable to watch it cause it pretty much ends when you have to wake up to go to work. Anyway thanks for what i am sure is going to be another great show and gratz on the new site :wink:

(ProxyClouds) #2

This was written in the QA for Blades by John.

On a personal note I don't really care about the time of the live show, I'm from EU as usually watch the VODs.

(ferociousblazze) #3

ok thanks m8!!

yeah it's not much of a concern for me either other than knowing whether i'll be watching it through vods or live

(NicVspz) #4

I would love to be able to watch it live, so I'll be bummed if the regular timeslot becomes just after CoS. I know I can just watch the VOD, but that's just not the same as watching it live. That said, if it fits JP's schedule better I guess that's just how it's gotta be, but I still would prefer literally any other day.

(FlippoManiacs) #5

I think JPs schedule is the least of the problems here. Don't forget, wheat has a full time job at twitch.

(AnneMunition) #6

Keep in mind, it's not just JP's schedule but also mine, Zeke's, Wheat's, Geoff's, and John's. Coordinating a weekly time slot between three full-time streamers, a full-time Twitch staff member, a streamer/host, and someone with a whole variety of projects... It's not super easy to fine one time for everyone, unfortunately.

(Adrian00v) #7

I really hope it goes back to the saturday slot, because if it stays like it is now, Europe has no chance at all to watch the show live (unless you skip sleep I guess).

(Twitch: casskayd) #8

Looks like they already set it for next week at the same day/time.

Yeah, current time is pretty terrible for anyone who isn't West Coast. Which considering the 80% West Coast cast, makes sense I guess. I hope we get back to at least one show being on the weekends since that's usually friendliest for the biggest number of timezones.

(Thrashdeth) #9

As unfortunate as it is being from Europe as well, I pretty much have to echo what others have said, you're pretty much coordinating the schedule of five individuals, one who happens to work for Twitch as well, and I assume Twitch makes use of normal office hours etc, so 9PM EST would be 6PM PST.

I'm pretty much of the mind that, I'd rather have the cast members sort out a timeslot for themselves that would suit them, rather than trying to force a timeslot that would try to shoehorn the best possible time for viewers, but wouldn't necessarily fit the cast members on a week to week basis.

(Kol_Saresk) #10

Yeah, I mean, it might not be live, but there will be youtube vods, as well as the twitch previous broadcasts(for JP's subscribers). Me, I work overnight and have weird hours anyway so I'm content listening to the MP3s at work so I can leave daytime to catch up on things that aren't in an MP3 format.

(itmeJP) #12

pretty sure normal time will be every Tuesday at 9PM Eastern

(Romeid) #13

As an outsider - being MST - this is probably one of the only shows I can catch the full thing live (assuming a 9PM EST start) - so there is always people left out, unfortunately.

(Ehbon) #14

Pretty sure the obvious fix for this is simply for all the EU viewers to become nocturnal. :stuck_out_tongue: