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[Season 2 Premiere // Q&A] the Smell of Loyalty

welcome back, jazzers! hope you enjoyed the first episode of the new series~!


What made you decide to have entirely new characters, barring Rex who is giving off Logan vibes.

What are you naming the ship, and why is it The Udder Cownfusion?

Alright let’s start plowing ahead with some cow pun ship names. These promise to be udderly ridiculous.

The Probeefious
The Ruminant Pride

I need to stop…


Oooooh Probeefius is real good

niiiiice these are great

we wanted to explore some new parts of the world we’d built and new characters are a great way to do that - there’s so much more we can see through this new lens.

also, it’s fun to try on a new character, and even old rex isn’t the same old sharkanoid!




I’m liking the new characters so far. I can see them being way more psychotic than the previous crew though. Rex only gives a shit about the princess, Basil is a murder sex bot that wants to kill everyone, and Luna appears to be stone cold about murder if it results in research. Artemis is a lot more positive but I’m not sure she’ll be much better, especially under Rex’s tutor-ledge.

It’ll end up hilarious regardless though… And we’ve seen how characters can change drastically from season 1.

An idea for Eugene that could be interesting. Would be fun to see Eugene have regained control of himself and is now living as a giant slime planet with a ditto face.
Where as Mother Slime sent off groups of slime’s to gather “material”, Eugene could send out singular Eugene’s to make money; Allowing Eugene to fulfill his wish to be the richest slime in the galaxy.
Could work with Rex’s stunt too… where rather than recalling a past interaction with Eugene, once per session he can go into the back room of a seedy bar to talk to the planets resident mini Eugene, rather than making up some random information broker… There’s just Eugene’s everywhere.


Slaughterhouse Jive was probably my favorite moment of the episode. :itmejp10:

Loving the new season already. Great work!

Very occasionally I make a joke that I can look back on and be like “not bad, Adam. not bad.” I think this was one of those jokes.


I suggest a ship name… The Gyuuniku Maru!

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This so much this!!!

The Cowntdown
The Taurus Tase & Grind

I hope the reason Jesse’s sentience is in a sex bot is because he had to escape from something and uploaded his programming into one to hide, not realizing that sex bots obviously have the strongest antidownload protection software in the galaxy (don’t want just anybody to hack into one and learn all your fetishes). So he’s trapped and can’t move to a better “body”.


Name of ship: Bovemian Rhapsody.

Honestly I feel like Pokket needs to get out of her shell, she doesn’t seem to do much, I would like her to play something that gets her out of her comfort zone, something more assertive.

This is going to be my new tune for notifications, and I’ll be keeping audio turned on all the time. Harassment-cases, here I come!

Yeah It was a bit disappointing when her character was introduced and Adam asked what she was doing and she says “just listening”. I was hoping the new character would be a bit more involved than the last. But I know from lots of RPG experience that every group has the charismatic, assertive players and some that prefer to sit back a bit more. Maybe having 4/4 cast members being insanely silly would be too much haha.

lololol this is pretty damn good

Great work guys. Was not expecting this change but the first episode is great.

As an Australian I am super looking forward to cheesy fake aussie accents and australian based robot madness.

Can i recommend paul hogan gardening bots or russell crowe security droids :smile:

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