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Schedule ordering

On the schedule for a Tuesdays, for example Nov 1, on the calendar it lists Rollplay: Blades then Rollplay: Court of Swords underneath. I think it should be flipped around: Rollplay CoS then Rollplay: Blades because thats the order chronologically.

You’re right!
Anyone know why that is?

I’ve forwarded it to the developer. So much forwarding but it has to be done! :smiley:

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It’s probably ordered alphabetically? Not sure

its because when it translates the time Blades should be the next day in the AM. The schedule however does not change the date and shows it as the same day in the AM.

So instead of being 1:00AM GMT on Nov 2 it shows 1:00AM GMT on Nov 1.

Edit: if the dev can add more timezones it would be great cough +3GMT cough :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve forwarded this entire topic to the developer. As an update work has started on the other bugs that been reported.


Should be fixed now!

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