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[S02E05 Q&A] Penny My Love

they’re back on track! hurrah!


I find Pokket to be the least active in the group. Do you have plans to help encoruage her to give more backstory, and such?

If that’s something Pokket would like to have more of, I’d be down to work with her to create some more hooks and stuff!

This was a fun show, so many ships were launched. I’m hyped for the agaran + Artemis and Penny + Basil. Can Penny just develop a real AI as folks interact with them? Maybe Basil can seed some of his AI or something?


That sounds like a horrible idea that would cause a lot of death and/or destruction… I like it! :itmejpgmleft::itmejpbot::itmejpgmright:

originally i just thought the ship would be too simple, but i like the idea of Penny learning to be her own ship. it’s fun, and i think it’ll make for some interesting stuff.


Is it just me or should the Agarans be renamed the Tsunder-race? :smiley:

Also, as a measure of time lapses, how many goofs equals 1 plot?

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When hellhammer told artimis she wasn’t the only mengasi alive was that her subtly telling her about the princess

I don’t think so cuz back episode 1 or 2, Dodger said Artemis was helping Rex exactly because he was trying to help a Mengasi. She might not know who the princess is because no one knew who the princess was, but she knows she exists, at least peripherally.

I would love to see Basil inhabit the Teddy Ruxpin; the best kind of nightmare fuel.

It always takes a few episodes to adjust, but it feels like the group (of players, that is) is starting to mesh and really get going now. I was a little worried about second album syndrome but this feels good and I want more.

/makes sure there aren’t 5 weeks of cons coming up

But at the end of this episode Rex said all the mengasi were dead and adam even asked dodger what Artemis’ reaction was when she heard that and she said she had no reaction cause she already knew they were all dead so that’s were I’m somewhat confused at and asked

So I’m still a bit confused at how large the timeskip is between season 1 and season 2. Artemis is a pre-teen who was born right after/during the destruction of the empire, which makes me think the time difference is only like 12 years at the most, but Rex was over 300 in season 1 and seems to have aged a lot

Loving the new season so far! All the characters are amazing/hilarious and have such a great dynamic that really differentiates them from the previous group

This is one of those “Don’t think too much about it” kind of things.

More than one million metric goofs have passed.


My head-canon: Sharkinoids are naturally long-lived, but “age” rapidly when they become emotionally imprinted/bonded, basically “true love”. It creates a chemical imbalance that is antithetical to their evolutionary drive as the cold-hearted apex predators of the galaxy.

Or something.

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