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RSS / Podcast feeds for Patreon MP3 content question

Right redoing to the patreon system. The new system will offer feed(s) you can import into your podcatcher (So far tested iOS and VLC just to make sure it will work, testing of more podcatchers will be done after polishing of the code that creates the feeds).

Just wondering what options you would like with the feed(s). One feed to Rule them all (one feed with EVERYTHING) which will auto add any new shows in the future, a feed for each show (atm there would be 19 feeds) so you can just sub to the shows your interested in or something different?


I LOVE the idea of adding this feed to an app on my phone. I personally would like a feed with all active shows (CoS, Blades, Nebula Jazz, and One Shots) separated from the classic feeds. I use them all but having a separation on that line would be very useful.

Its coming, Just seeking feedback from the community to see how to best implement it. What I Might/Prob do is auto gen each show as a feed and allow custom feed generation. Give you an option to say “I want this show, that show and this show that were added after a date of X all in a feed called Kappa For Life” which will gen a unique feed for that and then you will only get updates for those shows and not have the back catalogue show up so you can use that as your “ongoing” feed, But also have the “all of show X” feeds so you can play all of swan song for example.

I’ll will have to see how much load having custom feeds for everyone will put on the server. But I have a few ideas to keep the load down.


Wow, I mean if you do the custom feed thing working I’m not sure what else there is to improve on as far as RSS Feed technology is concerned.

This is the feature I have been waiting for most for the Patreon, so god speed in getting it working.

Its been something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. But life just kept getting in the way. Also building it look much better on mobile, cause it will be easier to get the feed link from the device you intent to consume the media on. Just need to be kept kicked up the arse :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I was wondering if any progress had been made on the RSS feed?

I had most of the backend done for it. Was working on the user front end of it and then my motherboard died.

I’m waiting on MSI to get off their arse and repair/replace my motherboard before I can do any more work on it.

The lack of a dev machine (which is also my gaming machine) is driving me #*^!ing nuts too.

If I knew MSI were going to be so slow with their side of the RMA I prob would of just brought another board for the interim and sold either the new or returned board once it came back.

I have to allow MSI a “reasonable” amount of time to repair the board before I can start bitching at them and it’s getting very close to that point now so buying a new board as an interim board at this point seems pointless as that “reasonable” amount of time is pretty much up.

Lesson learnt from this. If you are in the EU and you want a speedy RMA process, don’t pick MSI.

When I get back up and running I’ve got a backlog to work though but once that is sorted I will be able to finish it :slight_smile:

The board was ~15 months old at the time of failure, less then 2 years since it was announced, well within its 3 year warranty period, is still listed on their website as a X99 board, not listed as “End of Life” on any of the places I’ve looked and is still for sale on every top computer retailer here in the U.K., so I didn’t think it would take so long for MSI to do their thing.

MSI’s warranty in the EU for their larger resellers have an argeement with them for warranty claims. I return for more favourable terms the retailer handle the customer side when dealing with RMA’s. The retailer arrange for collection of the product, do some initial tests on the product and if they find the part faulty they return the products in batches to MSI (The retailer has to follow rules and look for customer induced damage such as bent pins, broken traces and the like). My retailer did their part and gave a speedy return of the board back to them, tested the board quickly, marked the RMA as “fault found” and marked the RMA status as “returned to MSI”.

I’ve been in contact with my retailer and they are in the dark as much as I am and have said that in the past they have had cases where they only knew about a return being “completed” (The part between MSI and the retailer) if when the part arrived with notification of the process arriving later (and after the part has been shipped back to the customer).

So atm I’m stuck playing the waiting game and it’s driving me FUCKING CRAZY…

I’ve not been able to have discord on all the time, speak to many of my online friends, been running on old slow kit that are just painful to use (after using my baby).

On the plus side I finally got around to playing The Last of Us and kitty has been enjoying the extra attention.

Replying to myself cause why not :stuck_out_tongue:

Just got an email from my retailer that MSI have done their thing and have authorised a replacement (which they have in stock) and they have generated a order in there system for it. So yeah, hopefully I will be back up and running in a few days (gotta wait for the order to be picked and sent out for delievery) and then I can finish it off and get some testing done on it.

/me does the happy dance.

Edit: and I just got an email saying it’s been picked and dispatched. I’ll get another email soon once it’s in the hands of the delievery people with a time window for delievery. :smiley:


Sorry to resurrect this again but has there been any progress on getting the mp3’s into a podcast feed?

DLing them and listening through my music app works but still has a lot of inconveniences.

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