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Rollplay Recap CoS 52


(killertick) #1

Here’s a second stab at a show recap. Its a different format, shorter and I try to use the clips to better describe whats going on instead of just a scripted review. I am curious what thoughts are about the combat recap. Its a little difficult to make that part interesting in such a short time.

(VyRe40) #2

Excellent work with the sound clips and cutting the length down! Love it.

Regarding combat: personally, I feel like it’s better to just cover the “big events” of an encounter rather than the “minute-by-minute”. Like in a normal show recap, an action sequence that makes up the crux of an episode’s climax can readily be boiled down to a few seconds of the narrative gist. The more important the fight, the more in-depth the summary. People are mostly looking to catch up on the story of the show after all. It might also save you some more time and work.

For instance, with this one encounter the main points would have been: the party got ambushed by the bounty hunters, the death priest was a piece of work, it was touch-and-go there for Kalimat, then they won. Context, challenge, drama, resolution.

(Landwaker) #3

Nice job, thanks for continuing with this! The shorter length flows much better, but the ending felt a bit abrupt. Adding a simple line like “We’ll see what this new group does next now that they’ve survived their first fight” would give it some closure and lead-in for the next episode. Cheers!

(Twitch: casskayd) #4

This was great! Good job cutting down the length, summarizing the main story, and picking clips that capture the mood of the episode/character interactions.

Agreed, I think overall summary of the fight, with maybe 1-2 short sounds clips of funny or dramatic moments, would work great and keep time condensed. Vyre’s structure of content, challenge, drama, and resolution would be a nice way to frame it.

I hope you keep up with these. Ideally, if they were current with the show, I could absolutely see myself listening to it on weeks I get behind, then jumping back into watching live.

(killertick) #5

Thanks. I hope to catch up over the holidays and stay on track after that.