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RollPlay Patreon: Year Two


(Typoko) #85

This kind of "State of RollPlay" would be great to have.

(Twilight_Spark) #86

I'm glad this was brought up again, because I didn't notice JP's intent for this to be a permanent policy change in the original post. My impression was that maybe Patreon was misbehaving during an update/content change.

It's understandable to want to handle expectations around goal thresholds, and not feel obligated to start work on a milestone if you don't have the consistent income need to get it done. Without some other type of transparency that is at least as descriptive as the previous "non-inflated" Patreon price, I'm personally going to find it hard to continue contributing. A big element of why I started in the first place was to contribute transparently to the Rollplay business as a whole.

(Monstercloud1) #87

While the extra 2$ is nothing for me (as well as most people probably), I have to echo the point of consistency. Adam taking a break is not an issue - it's all the other times when people have things crop up X times, sometimes consecutive weeks, sometimes entire shows being on temporary hiatus, conventions of any size that any number of cast members attend that cause the shows to be cancelled, or people traveling for various other reasons. All those reasons and any I missed are part of the reason why people dislike this price hike that I can understand.

I say it like that for two reasons. I'd argue most people donating to patreon aren't doing it for purely altruistic reasons - you offer something to incentivize people to give Rollplay money, and if they feel like they aren't getting their money's worth, they'll rethink how much they're giving or stop it all together. The second, and you may of picked it up just now, people are giving money to Rollplay not itmejp. I believe I remember you saying it once, if not more times, that the funds for all the production equipment for liveshows/cast are coming from Rollplay's Patreon, not yourself. I don't think people ending or lowering their monthly donation is a reflective on how they feel about you, the streamer, but on the Rollplay brand.

I'll close with this - this price increase is sort of odd considering not even 5 months ago, the thread "Consistency & Disappointment" appeared that struck a cord with you as well as others. This move shows a bit of a disconnect with that thread.

(Landwaker) #89

I recall a stream where JP mentioned that a scheduler he was dealing with didn't work out, adding that viewers shouldn't send resumes because "I don't trust you." Unsure whether that is the latest on this, which is a good example of the value in a State of RollPlay or other regular one-stop update.

(drorel3) #90

This might actually make me renew my patronage, love more transperancy.

(killertick) #91

This was most likely a pricing error when Rollplay set up their Patreon to start with. I've heard JP say he probably under-priced that tier. There will likely be no or very little change in the content but going forward new subscribers will probably have no problems paying the $3 rate.

I know people are leaving mostly on principal of a ridiculous increase in price (200%) but in reality there is still probably good value in the $3 tier. If fans are being objective about their choices they might look to find some other Patreon to support at a $1 or $3 level who is giving them more content. However these are hard to come by. I've looked within my interests and the $1-$3 tiers usually gets a "thanks for the support" if anything.

There is a lot of learning that happens regarding pricing and that is also why the higher tiers were reduced in cost. Each tier is just a product and most of them were priced poorly to start with, whether it was too high or too low. The people supporting at the bottom are unhappy but anyone supporting in the mid levels are likely very happy.

I try to look at it objectively. Do what you need to with your money but don't take it personally.

(Twitch: eyearcana) #92

300% not 200%. Comparing to other Patreons doesn't make sense as it's not apples to apples. We have one GM in residence right now with two active shows. I think what bothers people is the amount and consistency of content has decreased and the cost is raised. I'd rather drop all the gimmicks and get more consistent content. Also the fact that ~50% of the people who responded said this was a bad idea and he still went ahead with it. This is why a lot of people are bothered by it.

(killertick) #93

It's a 200% increase. A 100% increase would be $2 and and 100% again brings it to $3. It's large as a percentage either way. There are other reasons as you said to drop subscriptions for sure and those are playing out on top of the price increase. I was just suggesting people try and put a dollar value on the product for their own perspective.

Also if it was an election "I like the proposed changes!" would be president by a long shot. The survey may have seemed like some sort of democratic way of getting input for the changes but it wasn't. It was a way to calculate an expected lose in revenue and compare it to what their expected increase would be. I'm sure the survey made their decision easier.

(Twitch: eyearcana) #94

Just weird wording 300% of $1 is $3.

(Joshkie1973) #95

There is two issues being conflated.

1) Are people getting value for the tier they are at, and...

2) How do we as customers/investers(?) if we value consistency of the shows over perefrials, help or suport @itmeJP to accomplish this.

I want to be able to help JP bring the best RollPlay shows to twitch and the internet, but feel like I'm not sure how best to do that?

My2Cents (Felt I need to comment as you brought up my old post. I think we need to provide constructive critasism vs just complain about not getting what we want.)

(aathrawn) #96

OK, I love the RP shows, JP has every right to do what he is doing, it's his business and his lively hood. Can't blame him for getting as much out of it as he can, and it's a hard job, getting everything together and make it work is a hard job, I truly understand that and I love him for it. I hate bitching and complaining, but I have to agree, I feel like I'm being punished for being...well...poor, I can only afford the 1 dollar tier but now I learn it's going to be diminished.

It sucks, sorry but it's how I feel and I understand it's a business and JP doesn't owe me anything. But I've been a pledge from the beginning, wish their was a way to lock the first timers into a tier so they didn't lose anything, almost like, "hey I respect you guys for taking a chance and supporting me", but then again maybe that's not fair, I don't know. All I know is where I stand, will bills to pay and no justification to stay, which sucks because Rollplay was a fun, different, made me forgot a minute how hard my life can be and get lost in the world of Bregor and his boys....oh well I guess nothing last forever. Again, wish JP and RP the best, will always be sub, and watch the vod when I can, just had to say how I feel, even if it's just to a message board.

(StillAnotherOne) #98

Yes, but an Increase of 300% does not make 1$ to 3$ but 4$.

(Twitch: eyearcana) #99

I got it chief, that's stop beating the dead horse.

(JimB0b0) #100

I think is is unhealthy to refer to patreon supporters as customers or investors honestly. Stick with patron, viewer, or supporter. You should not go into patreon support like you are buying a product or investing in a brand for some potential return. Patreon and twitch subscription are both ways to show support and donate, not buy or invest. It seems a lot of the complaints are coming from a place where that distinction is not clear enough.

(StillAnotherOne) #101

You still seemed to be confused about what was being said. Sorry about that.

(DrewM87) #102

I disagree kinda with what you're saying here..

Subscriptions on twitch is a way to show support, but depending on the stream, you are in a way a customer. For instance in JPs stream by subbing to the channel you're buying access to the VODs (which means you don't have to wait for them to go live on youtube etc)

you're not "donating" to a stream. it's not a "donation" at all imo. I also do think you're investing in the stream because without people showing their support and "investing" their money to the streamer, the streamer wouldn't be able to produce or make the shows they make. They'd have to find other jobs or stop streaming all together to support themselves and their families.

Donations is what you do when there's a charity involved. Streamers aren't charities. if you're giving money to a streamer through something like PayPal you're "tipping" them.

If you're a patron, usually you're paying $x to "buy" a certain perk at a certain tier, making you a customer.

using terms like "friends" like some streamers do with their audience or "bro's" etc is what's unhealthy. it makes the viewer feel entitled and closer to the streamer then they really are. Some streamers do base their streams off of that model.

People that don't sub, tip, or subscribe via patreon are simply "viewers"

The whole point behind patreon is to support content creators financially so they can give their audience content (product) that they potentially would want, if the content creator had more money. So you're investing $x in hopes that the content creator will eventually be able to produce X content if the patreon reaches its goal.

I think it's naive to not look at it as buying or investing. It's the cold, harsh reality of what streaming/patreon are all about.

rambling over lol.


Subbing for the VODs is totally a 5$ service that you buy, and not just "sub for support".

JP releases the episodes on 4 parts in different days, for no other reason I can think of but to give incentive for subbing on twitch. For comparison, dropped frames is up on youtube in full a few hours after it's done (I guess a news show being uploaded over several days wouldn't make much sense).

(Utherix) #105

Guys... please. This Patreon is a buy-in like any other subscription model service. You pay x per month and you get something very specific in return. It's not an investment, and it's certainly not a donation. Those terms mean something else entirely, and I encourage you all to Google them.

(Possibly Batman) #106

Please ensure you are reading twitch and patrons terms of service before saying what something is or isn't. Call it what you want but that doesn't make it what it is to other people or either site

(Utherix) #107

This isn't arguable. These terms have literal meaning that aren't overwritten by any terms of service. People can obviously think whatever they like. I'm just telling them how it is.