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RollPlay Patreon: Year Two


(Twitch: ChromeViper) #62

To start, i'll say i think the changes are fine. As somebody who is a 1 dollar patreon right now, obviously i am not really happy with paying more. I do think 3 dollars is fine value for the behind-the-scenes videos, but it's getting on the edge of being hard to justify, especially when subbing to the channel is and will always be my first priority due to living in Europe. I will say a few things that i don't so much agree with.

First, the timing on this is actually as terrible as it could be. With Adam not running games for the next few weeks, Blades having just basically died, and really, a drought of content being in effect literally right now, i don't see it as a great value proposition at this moment in time.

Second, the tier names don't feel very good to me. I think i'm the one paying you here, so i feel like calling me a "Thief" is either saying i am literally stealing, or implying i am not paying enough for the content i'm getting and am "mooching" off of everyone else - not saying this was the intent behind the title, but that is the feeling i assoiate with it, and it doesn't feel very good at all.

Third, i feel like if i'm going to be paying triple the price for my post-show access, i'm going to expect something to change. About 50% of the post shows are actually interesting while a lot of them are 10-minutes of "well we have to do this i guess so lets half-heartedly talk about the game for a bit". It'd still be worth it for me personally, but i don't think you can expect to just triple the price of something and keep the value of the content the exact same.

Just my 2c, take it or leave it. I'll still pledge 3 bucks regardless, but i definitely see where people who won't are coming from.

(Karamor) #63

Depends, as a European VoD access and $3 Patreon would run me over $10. (Because of VAT and Xsolla fees)

I'm not sure I'd consider the $3 tier worth it at that point.

To be fair, the $5 and $10 tier have become much better and I consider them to be really good value. The zine was, to me, overpriced for $20, but at $10 the tier is now really packed.

Still, after an a bit rough end to the first year, I'm not sure what the "dedication" to the content will mean. RollPlay made a lot more money mid year one, so what will change about the show?
I'd like some clearer explanation on that.

And as much as I enjoy one shots, they are on the other hand a band aid to the scheduling woes. (Not to diminish JP's definite work in arranging this coming spree of shows, but that's what it is.)

There's just a difference between a show of a few friends playing RPGs and happening to stream that and a business.
In that context an explanation of how you'll handle the planning of shows might be something I'd like to read.

Because if Blades really dies, as the cast members don't manage to schedule themselves after months, that's... ah, JP knows the problems already.

Edit: I've also noticed that the Patreon is only showing the number of supporters now, not how much is earned.
Just an observation.

Edit Edit: Yup, I somehow jumped over the last paragraph and missed Jp DIRECTLY telling us of the removal. Um, I got no excuse.

(anaconda156) #64

I'm also in Europe (switzerland) and also have the twitch sub for the same reason as you but again my point was just on a financial point of view. If someone cannot handle a move from 1$ to 3$ then the 1$ was already not something this person should be spending on entertainment. For me the about 10$ a month for twitch and patreon is just two less beers I would drink in a bar per month so I feel that I get much more from the rollplay and JP content than of two beers :slight_smile:

(NicVspz) #65

Huh, that's true now that you mention it. I suppose I can see why they would want to keep that a business secret, but it sucks to lose track of how close we are to future goals, such as more liveshows. I guess that means those future possibilities are now off the table?

Also displaying the earnings is a good way to promote the idea of patrons contributing as a community as you can see the number rising as the content becomes more popular. I guess maybe they don't want us to know if the changes will result in an inrease or decrease in support.

EDIT: I guess you can still see the number of patrons increasing, but that's just not as fun lol

(Twitch: eyearcana) #66

You're missing the point, I make a very good living and an extra $2 a month wouldn't impact me financially at all. I just don't see the perceived value. Nothing has been added and content has been lost, why would I pay more for that?

(Olf_Himself) #67

If you do show the amount you get a lot of people going "Oh my God you make X amount of money a month and you can't do Y or Z!?".

(Twitch: no742617000027) #68

Seems you and @Karamor have not read the entire announcement since it says right there that, going forward, the total monthly earning will not be shown :smiley:

(Typoko) #69

I increased my pledge to 3$ tier and i feel it's fine as i was pretty much on the board of pledging money anyways. I feel like the changes were good in that the zine tier got lowered to much more affordable level.

@itmeJP Is there any place where feedback for Zine + Maps should be posted? I'm just asking because if it is posted here i'm pretty certain it will just be lost in the ether.

(TheDesec) #70

If you've decided you remain transparent, why not show the number, no matter on what part of the roller coaster it is? This is the part of the entire announcement that turns me away. And the lack of stretch goals?! Where do I see whether year two is going to have 4 live shows or 12 one-shots or not? Please correct me if I'm missing the stretch goals, but I don't see any.

I am sorry, but this is not transparent at all. I find this very confusing.


You say you want to remain transparent, but then hide the number for a vague and weaker reason than the idea of remaining actually transparent.

You say you listened to the feedback, but proceed with the changes, and when asked what the "increased effort on producing content" will be, it's pretty much the same we have been getting right now, but 3x the price for access.

I can't see this move in a good light. Even if you end up making a bit more money in the change, it's hard to believe the sour taste this is leaving for me and probably many rollplay fans will be worth it.

(Rico_D) #73

Hey there, like the new stuff! Especially the Roll20 Maps!

I have a question regarding Patreon in general though, since it is my first and only one. I pledged $20 when it first started a year ago and continued to do so over the year. Now the same tier has been changed to $10.

For the month of august I've been charged $20 (wich has been adressed in the edit already. I also don't mind either way really).
Now do I have to actively change the tier on the Patreon before August 31st and will it continue to charge $20 if I don't?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, and I look forward to the next year of excellent content!

(boeiee) #74

i think this part relies heavely on which live show is going on, i think the reason Nebula Jazz poster is up now is because that will be the next live show. Its also the reason why JP, Aureylian , Sirscoots and the cast will be signing the poster, SInce all of them will be there.

(mwthecool) #76

The one, and only, issue I have with the new setup is the Rollplay Zine tier. I'd really love to have access to the magazines, but I have no interest in the Roll20 backgrounds. Is it possible to include a new, lower, tier with just the magazine? 10 dollars a month is a bit much for me, but with the benefits of the $3 tier, plus the magazine, I think $5 is around something more reasonable. I'd love to hear what you think @itmeJP!

(BorisIgnatievich) #77

obviously not entirely chuffed with the price rise from $1 to $3, but tbf, I can see why. Over the last year, at least when shows have been happening, it's felt like a massive bargain - if it had been $3 from the off I don't think there would have been too many complaints. I feel like from the business end, this is a change that had to happen eventually , and while it's obviously going to lose some people, I mean, what price rise doesn't?

That said, I'm not sure if I will be one of those people lost or not. I really enjoy the character creation vids and the stuff like Adam walking doogs/jp through an aspect of DMing or live prep, but the meat of the tier, the post shows, I generally find pretty pointless. At a buck, I didn't really are about that, but combined with the twitch sub so I can sleep at a sensible time and catch up with the last hour or two the next day (EU viewer) it's starting to look expensive at about $8.50 inc taxes. Loathe to drop the twitch sub since im grandfathered in to the no VAT thing, so the pateon might go

(Twitch: ChromeViper) #78

i would definitely pay 5 bucks for that...

(boeiee) #79

This tier just got added, Ofcourse we would have no SS poster. Nebula Jazz is the next live show where people are able to sign stuff

(Typoko) #80

Zine was just cut from 20$ to 10$ where the maps seem to be something that are then thrown in as a bonus content.

(mwthecool) #81

Fair enough. Still doesn't change my opinion though. I really wouldn't pay much more than what I wrote for the GM notes.

(JimB0b0) #82

I think that this is a great suggestion for improving the relationship between Rollplay and its viewers. Reading through the negative comments you see a lot of the same sentiment that people don't know what they are paying for and what is happening with scheduling and the like. For people who don't follow/have twitter I would imagine it is very hard to keep track of the upcoming shows and issues and a sort of State of Rollplay podcast would be a great tool.

(exfate) #84

The character creation, post show and other "behind the scenes" videos have become an essential part of the RollPlay viewing experience for me so I jumped from $1 to $3. I felt like it was a bargain for an extra $1 on top of my Twitch sub and is still fair at the new $3 price.

I checked out the sample Zine, and while I appreciate the work Adam puts in, I didn't think it was worth upgrading to the $10 tier personally. It also occurs to me that with Adam having recently done some RollPlay DM prep on his own channel couldn't that become Patreon content at a tier like $10? It would be cool to have regular behind the scenes DM videos for all shows and would definitely justify $10 a month* to me. Just a thought.

*Edit: -year +month