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RollPlay Live - Feedback Thread

Hey guys! We would love to read your feedback on the recent live show!

Post anything you can think of (good / bad / whatever) in regards to Saturday’s live episode of Nebula Jazz


People seemed a bit uncomfortable or… quiet?, might need some icebreaker games at the start of the stream to losen people up.

I very much enjoyed it and look forward to new adventures featuring this cast if possible. I listened more than I watched, but still appreciated being able to view the visual reaction of the cast to what was occurring in game.

@SirScoots Fantastic job on the production

@Aureylian Amazing set, my favorite so far!

@itmeJP Best live show in terms of overall quality by far. Really happy to see all the advice taken from past shows (dice, player seating/orientation, etc.)

I’m still working through the last quarter of the VoD, I’ll leave my more constructive feedback then. Again, great job everyone!


The set was really good, even though Adam blocked the RollPlay a lot of the time.

Audio was great, but there were a few scratches on the mic, doogs accidentally keeping hers off, and the glitch with pokket near the end (loose contact?)

Video quality was good, I really liked the dice cam especially when the index cards came out. Some of the angles on the crew seemed a bit… odd? I’m not sure how to describe it. Like the overview shot of the whole crew had a huge chunk that was just the front of the table with nothing going on at all. I’m sure it could be filled a bit better. Not that it was bad, just seemed like a bit wasted opportunity?

I watched most of the show on bigscreen, so I don’t know how it was for people watching in browser or on mobile, but the text on the overlays was pretty small. I’m not sure it was readable for everyone. They looked nice, but could use some optimization.

For the game itself, it was really solid. Probably my favorite so far. Adam kinda rushed at the end, and I feel like the players got stuck sometimes trying to figure out eachothers aspects to compell, so maybe a handout for those could have been useful? But that’s pretty nitpicky stuff.


Thats kind of funny because I thought they are more comfortable with each other than other groups. But maybe because of that they were kind of laid-back at times, not trying to do huge gestures, and that might be what you describe as quiet?

Absolutely great show. Amazing production, thank you to everyone involved! <3

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One small comment for the dice rolls… a few times the players clearly haven’y known exactly where the camera is so they move their dice “on camera” but it’s still right off in the corner and not that visible. Maybe put something on the table so they can see exactly where that camera view covers?

I’m only halfway through thus far, but that first half is top notch in general, collapsing set be damned :+1:


The only thing i can think of is maybe having a small dedicated square to move the rolled dice to, to insure that they show up on the dice cam… a few times we had a stray die go off screen… but all in all it seemed like a great show from everyone with the biggest hickup that i can think of, off hand, being the slight set malfunction behind Pokket and Jesse…

No Patreon vid this time? @itmeJP @AdamKoebel

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Let me start with this: There is nothing, NOTHING, on the internet right now, that I wish for more than finally playing Divinity: Original Sin 2 (can’t buy it, no moneys) and a second season of Nebula Jazz. Around half-time I had to go to some mega ultra important breakdown of a friend of mine (turned out it wasn’t that important after all) and missed the live aspect of the show for the second half but watched it right after getting up today.
Obviously watching it live is still slightly better, but even as VoD it was a phenomenal show, I really liked every aspect of it.

Criticism? Very little here, to be honest.
Maybe you could put another RollPlay sign on the side of the table that faces the camera. There was some space that felt clunky a bit, nothing going on and just solid wood around. I saw @SirScoots discuss in chat that it’s nearly impossible to greenscreen that, so that’s off the table, but maybe next time you could put either the one RollPlay sign, or another or some poster of the crew that is playing there. E.g. an epic still of the Nebula Jazz crew like you have on your poster, or an epic still of a DnD battle when it’d be Court of Swords -something like that.
The set itself looked fantastic, @Aureylian you’re incredibly talented in these designs! Great work and yes, one fell off (and I’m sure Aureylian was a bit upset about that), but that doesn’t take away at all from how good it looked and the little tid bits of inside universe jokes and figures around. IMO an easy 10/10!

Same goes to production, tbh. As a one man army (or did JP help you, Scoots?) I guess it’s pretty hard to always find the right camera angle, so a few times it felt like the camera trailed behind the very fast-paced game with its shots. Definitely not an issue, though, almost all camera moves and changes felt super natural and especially the dice cam as it is was really great!
Also Dodgers reactions to the camera moving were funny.

Some dice being off the camera when rolled was not an issue for me. Pokkets pocket mic rocket problem was not an issue for me either, the noise wasn’t that loud and it was quickly resolved.

Maybe a good idea that I read in this thread was about having the players warm-up a bit before the show in some kind of fashion around the table, play another quick game of something else (cards or dice) so they can loosen up a bit -if that’s needed at all! I think the start of a show can always feel a bit awkward if the players have to introduce themselves, etc, instead of swinging right back into action. So the warm-up thing might be completely unnecessary if the crew already feels good about the game, the set, the cameras, all that!

Is it possible for the people sitting on the right of the table (from the viewer’s perspective) to have the mics on the other side of their face? That’d be cool, so we would see more of their face and the microphones wouldn’t be as present.

I loved the show, can’t wait for more!

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Amazing live show. Everything felt like a step up from previous shows. Can’t wait for more Nebula Jazz.

I was hoping some cheesy 80s music would be played to fit the scenes but I understand that would probably be a world of copyright trouble. Nothing really comes to my mind that needs fixing, but season 2 needs to happen man. I set up a patreon account and backed rollplay right when the show was over, don’t leave me hanging JP :slight_smile:

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Awesome show. Set was Amazing!

I think the cosplay thing was the cast’s own “ideas”, not JP’s intention. Seems that way from what I saw on Twitter, at least.

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For a show with the pace of a cheetah, I applaud @AdamKoebel’s ability to somehow land this perfectly at the end of an 8 hour stretch. The cast is amazing as always, I’m so glad they got to play face to face. When a clip like this is one of my favorite things to ever happen on Roll Play,, getting to interact over a table instead of Skype makes those moments even better.


Not any big technical issues I was concerned about that could have been avoided, really.

But I agree with some others regarding the full shot camera - the table space could use something to fill it up set-wise. Could be just a stylized, hanging title poster or something, like “Nebula Jazz Live” or whatever. Maybe even just some standing props. But overall, the set was superb.

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If anything a small part of the set falling down thematically matched the show even more closely than not.


The only things that I would change about the show are very minor. First I mentioned to @SirScoots as the show was going about the large area in front of the table that had nothing but empty space. I feel as though something should be done with that space such as branding or maybe even the poster that was being sold, just a thought.
Next would be on the table itself have some markings for the cast as to where the dice should be rolled so they do not get rolled off camera and force Mr. Scoots to make adjustments.
Lastly, I would request a more eloquent recap by @AdamKoebel maybe in dungeon masters robes in front of the set. The recap could be shown in the break and in the pre-show, letting newcomers in on the fun more effectively.
Also to all the cast members and crew, thank you so much for all the work you put into this every time I tune into a Rollplay show it makes my night and it has been doing this for the past 4 years.

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This is a very good point.

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Could you help me understand what you mean, here?