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Rollplay™ Far Verona Season 2 - Announcements

Here are the new cast members for Far Verona Season 2:



Joining GM Adam Koebel and returning cast member Mark Hulmes are none other than djWheat (Swan Song, Mirrorshades), Elspeth (Oddballs, Vampire: The Masquerade) and Vana (15 Floors!)

Look forward to the Session 0 video on May 21st exclusive to the Rollplay™ Patreon at the $3 tier! We hope to share the start date of Far Verona S2 very soon, please look forward to it!

If you’re looking to take part in this season of Far Verona, the $1 tier on Patreon will get you access to the monthly faction-turn! A lot has happened to the universe of Far Verona and we’re excited to see where y’all take it next!


M-m-m-m-megaPOG. This looks like a fantastic lineup!
Can’t wait to see you in the universe we created - except for Mark, you have no idea how dark it is. 8)

Can’t wait to debut the new season of the show and happy to welcome Vana to a fulltime RollPlay show!


my body is ready

I am so happy Mark is returning

Holy shit I fucking called Elsbeth would be a cast member!
Awesome cast!

Sweet! Great to have Mark continue, he seemed really intrested in the universe.
Wheat and Elspeth are great and Vana was awesome in the one-shot. This will be fun.

I’m super excited for this new cast. I wonder what fresh ideas they will bring to the show and universe.

So excited to play with familiar friends and new faces and it’s gonna be super sick!

The next step is deciding on some concepts to shop to the players before we have our session zero, which means it’s MY TURN to step up and do some work. I’ll be doing a live look at my five basic concepts, narrowing them down and pairing systems with each one so I can take it to the crew. If you’re watching this before 1PM PACIFIC TIME, MAY 15TH go to this link to join in:

I’ll post a separate community thread with the YouTube video and stuff after that stream!


Oh wow. I am a happy man.

I am excited for season 2, especially to have djWheat back! But also a little confused (maybe these points are explained in the announcement, but I have not seen it yet)

  1. If I recall correctly, Mark’s reason for stepping out of season 1 was that he was too busy. Is that no longer the case now for season 2?
  2. At some point, JP gave a pretty clear explanation that he would not want to cast one person on two Rollplay shows at the same time (with Max getting a little overloaded). I have not been keeping up with Oddballs, but is Elspeth not on two shows?

Hey man! Hope to clear that up for ya:

  1. Behind the scenes, Mark was still undecided after S1 ended. After talking with him (and having another potential cast member bow out due to time conflicts) he was able to make the commitment to be on the show.

  2. Oddballs has less than five episodes left (an odd number, but easier to say than a definitive one haha) so there will be little crossover.


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Very happy with the sounds of this.

imo Wheat is the GOAT of Rollplay players.
Elspeth was cool as fuck on what i saw of Oddballs
Mark was huge fun on Far Verona S1
I’ve not seen anything of Vana yet (as RPG Horror isn’t quite my bag) but it’s always enjoyable to have a fresh face throw their shit into the mix.

This cast :heart_eyes: