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Rollplay - Fan-games new platform?

Hi all,

I was simply wondering if there is a new platform for the fan-games that were previously part of the high tier patreon rewards. I was interested in raising my tier for a month to join one but noticed the tier is gone. After some research noticed that in one of the Q&A’s JP mentioned that they were planning on moving platform since patreon was not working out in terms of contacting people.

Does anybody know if there is/will be a new platform? Or will the fan-games no longer be part of the content(understandable as well since it takes time away from producing the shows).

I think they said that the Fangames would return as soon as they have a better solution for them.

Will probably be more news / progress on that once JP has moved and settled :smiley:

Ah! totally forgot that JP is moving. It does makes sense to start all the new stuff after that is done.

I’m sure he will find the right platform in the coming months. Looking forward to it:) thank you for your reply.