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RollPlay DM Lecture Series

Hello all and non :slight_smile:

I was wondering if there is anyone active here that has watched Adam’s DM Lectures and what do you think about them?
Any new DM’s that found it really helpfull, meduim to long time DM’s what did you think?
I do not question Adam as a DM or teacher i am just wondering.
I am not sure if i want to try beeing a DM, i have played less then a year, so I wanted to ask what people thought about the series.
Thank you for all who answer , read or just loves playing games with a smile! :slight_smile:

Adam also has a long-running show called “Office Hours” where he addresses questions of varying complexity. You might enjoy the first Q from this episode. :wink:

If you play TTRPGs and enjoy them, then you can DM as well. :slight_smile: