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[RollPlay: Blades Q&A] Episode 9: Tears for Fears

Ask us questions about Episode 9!


This is more of a general question, I know Blades is an RPG D&D-esk type game… but what does it revolve around?

Given the VERY LARGE SCALE of the threats Scurlock and Setarra represent (Scurlock on his own being a tier 3 gang, Setarra being effectively tier 5? on her own) do you think you ought to make it a point to ward the PCs off this path for the time being, until they increase the tier of the gang up at least to tier 2? As it stands, nobody in the crew even has limited effect, with their best preparation, against even Scurlock.


Are y’all going to switch everything over to the final version of the rules for the next show?

Holy Cow, @Ezekiel_III ! What an incredible episode for Aldo! What was going through your mind during the Bluecoat Scene? What precisely were your inspirations for Aldo? I’m just so hype for your character, and excited to see where he goes from here.


Spoilers for the Bloodletters show [spoiler] Since Settara is connected to Oskarr. Killing her is where the Bloodletters and the Lastword split universes [/spoiler] I assume?

I’d ask what happens next, but Carriless told me that time was flowing backwards, so I’d really just be asking “What did I just watch” which is a hopelessly cliché internet question.

[spoiler]mathsquadTotal mathsquadTemporal mathsquadAnnihilation[/spoiler]

Oh sorry, those emotes haven’t gone live yet. Nor have they been drawn!? Hmmmmm… grr…

Time, right? Time is literally the WORST.

Cool episode, awesome backstory from Aldo and Carriless. The cast has said earlier, that they are okay with just sitting there and listening for a while, but how do you guys feel about an episode being so light on rp for half the cast?

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Great episode once again. I believe Carriless gets a +1 dice on Vice rolls from “She Who Slays In The Dark” since he leveled up within the Cult.

The Carriless and Aldo interactions are very entertaining, with Aldo’s new clock being one of a shift towards the way Carriless operates and also this recent brush with major conflict between Aldo and Carriless that seemingly, in my mind, has actually resulted in the two characters moving closer to an accord rather than becoming a point of contestation, coupled with Rune already being on the path of “She Who Slays In The Dark”, I wonder what intentions Carriless has for the Gang and whether his newly revealed previous Gang who were apparently killed by him were murdered because he failed in this very same endeavour or if the act shaped this path he finds himself on now. Of course I don’t expect any confirmation in the postive or negative, just wanted to put thoughts to paper.
Thank you everyone on the cast for this amazing show and I look forward to next week.


I was just trying to rectify Aldo being a man of certain principles and needing to get a job done. As far as inspiration goes, I pictured him in my head first, then I thought about what kind of voice he’d have, then the rest fell into place organically. :slight_smile:


The group is very aware of this issue. Scurlock and Setarra are future targets.

Probably! If I have time after releasing the files on Monday, I’ll switch the Roll20 characters over. But it might have to wait a week.


@iNcontroLTV did Careless forget that @Ezekiel_III Aldo said if they helped him with his job he would owe all of you one favor, no questions asked. Or did Careless feel Aldo needed a bit more motivation, and thus the lie.

Cariless is a fucking supervillain man. He played this perfectly. Just letting the GM run fucking rampant and potentially make their lives very… VERY complicated, haha!

I love how this is going, yeah Aldo shrugged that off and said the ‘bill is clean’ between them, but that’s not the first time he’s given his next… ‘victim’ a choice and let them fess up. He PLAYED THAT PERFECTLY from MY (arguably inconsequential) view. TWICE man, with his kill too… that was so deep and intense.


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Also for the love of all that is (un?)holy… John… you, Adam, Sean and Stras plz… don’t let us hang on how this effects the Bloodletters!

I am fanboy squealing after this episode omg. :smiley:

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:itmejp10: episode. I really enjoyed the interactions between Carriless and Aldo as well as the back story revelations. @OneSevenDesign loved the posh older lady NPC :itmejplol:

Aldo is just a source for awesome ad worthy quotes. This one where he is talking to the blue coat is just perfect I think @itmeJP [twitch VOD link]

some pre-show clips -
Geoff’s media discussions about Fringe & Prison Break
Anne being sneaky

Awesome episode, I was on the edge of my seat through the whole interaction between Carriless and Aldo.

Does Zeke know what is in the diary at all or has he left that up to you to decide?

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Hi I’m still catching up with the episodes and ain’t to firm in the setting yet, so I got a few questions:

As far as I understood, ghosts exist in the Ghost field and are given from by electro plasm. Since its that seems to be electric charged the first weapons that come to my mind would be Cattle Prods / Stun Batons or a form of Lightning rod, but would that work in fiction?

My second and third questions are more of a fictional Idea. Since the world runs on things refined from Leviathans would it be possible for a character that got access to some unrefined Laviathan blood to graft that into some fish to later refine small amounts of electro plasm and other stuff from them? Also what Skill would be needed for that, Tinker, Medicin or would it be both with one giving a dice to the other?

I hope there are many more sessions to come and have a nice day

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@iNcontroLTV, you sick person. Rat torture.

I like it.
You should look into bamboo torture, if you ever find a target that needs to go away slowly.

I also loved how you and @Ezekiel_III played out the book-lying-scene after you failed the roll!

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Everyone is talking about the RP at the end of the show, which I agree was absolutely amazing but all I can think about is.

Aldo wrote the letter to the Bluecoats wife. Aldo seems to be a fan of leaving things with his handwriting at scenes of crimes.

Since there was no bell for the Bluecoat. Which I think some people forget the entire point of the bells is so that the bodies can be disposed of properly before the soul leaves as a ghost to fuck shit up.


but a bell did sound…the bell DJ wheat got to ring to cause a distraction. when the bluecoats wife finds him he will get handle and everyone will think the bell sounded for him.

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