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[RollPlay: Blades Q&A] Episode 6: Lord Sukur, part two

Ask me questions about Episode 6!


all i have to say is clap <3 :itmejpgg: milady :itmejptip:

Hey @OneSevenDesign thanks for another FANTASTIC episode, Geoffs behind the scenes stuff of manipulating the crew is so great I’m loving every minute of it, if you CAN say, do you guys discuss it at all behind the scenes or do you learn about it as it comes up? How much do you know about Geoff’s motives?

on a mechanical note:
a) so for veteran you get three different slots cause I think our group has done it wrong because we thought it was 3 levels to take a veteran ability but that seemed wrong


b) can you briefly explain potency? does it just raise the level of effect?

If Aldo, or more specifically Rune decided to get a hemp sack, or some form of bag, could he or she have potentially taken all of the essence crystal things, and found a way to resurrect the slain ghoul? I’m asking because I doubt that something like this will happen again, or at least in the near future.

Also do you think you could put a little pressure on the group to come up with their crew name in the next session?

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A bit. Not the whole story! It mostly comes out in play as a surprise to everyone.


Potency is a factor in determining effect. It usually raises the effect level. However, when one factor dominates (i.e. it’s the most important factor) then you can simply set a high effect level rather than bumping it up by one.

Yeah, they had time to scoop up the crystals if they wanted to. We’ll find out how many they took.

The name will probably come out in play soon.


Fantastic! Something I also wanted to bring up is the fact that the character’s worked with another underworld faction. Because they were operating with the Fog Hounds to an extent, and the Hounds would have possibly perceived the characters as accomplishing both of their crew descriptors of being Professional, and Merciless, will this lead to wider acknowledgment from the underworld, and civil factions that a new gang has sprouted up and is going ham on these large and influential individuals and establishments?

I’m curious if this will lead to a larger reputation boost.

Awesome show. Geoffs’ “I just want to kill them” faces were a treat :itmejpcute:

How strict are difficulty tiers supposed to be?

Did the cast get away with this foray surprisingly unscathed?

Were we expected to finally see how to deal with severe injury and ramifications?

I feel like the 6 shone strong in this episode!

Since there is still have no crew name, possible crew name, “The Sixers”

There is a definite different feel to this game compared with the bloodletters game.

I wonder if I might get an answer as to why you decided to show the clocks of all these ghosts and lord sukur himself? It definitively made the crew seem more static and the people seemed to treat the encounter more as a “DND” fight where they had to empty the ghosts and such for “hitpoints.”

Is there any particular reason why you revealed these clocks and their sizes to the players?

Is anyone having trouble with this episode’s VOD on twitch? It says thousands of us have watched it but it just simply doesn’t start for me for some reason and it is the only VOD on Itmejp’s that is doing this.

Just to be sure it’s only on my end. I can always watch on Youtube.

Thanks :slight_smile:

The VOD works fine for me I just finished watching it.

I feel like calling them that might jinx them :itmejplol::itmejpgmtpk:

Damn it computer!!! Why you not do?

Thanks for the reply Noor :wink:

Managed to go around it by switching off HTML5. Thought it would be the same but gave it a try and the video played. Go figure :stuck_out_tongue:

I did it partly as a tutorial for viewers. I don’t usually use that many clocks with “hitpoints” like that, but I think it’s useful to show the baseline tools to demonstrate to viewers (and new players) that I’m not just randomly deciding outcomes as the GM. There’s a structure there that you can follow very explicitly or implicitly according to your taste.

Now that the idea has been established and demonstrated, viewers will have some notion of how I’m tracking things as the GM in the future, even if clocks aren’t used or shown like that.


I have a question. Were the hell did the butler, that led them straight to the Lord, go? You know, the one who Aldo threatened. I remember them draging him into the room with them before the fight. Did I miss what happened to him? Because he would also be a witness to what they did.

He slipped away during the fight. There’s no way he survived the ghost attack on the house, though. Everyone left behind got wrecked by Lost District spirits.

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Fantastic fun, as always. I’m crazy about Blades, and your GMing, and every single member of the group :slight_smile:

Here’s my question: Can you give us a little analysis of how the “Everyone see Aldo as the biggest threat in the room” bit played out?

It sounded like an awesome Devil’s Bargain, but I feel like it wound up not having much meat to it. He wound up pretty much just fighting the one ghost. I was kind of looking forward to seeing most everybody try to swarm him, and, well, that didn’t really happen :stuck_out_tongue:

I can see reasons in the fiction that the Swarming of the Lesson-Giver didn’t pan out. But it ties into a problem I still grapple when I run Blades – the sense that I can only move in response to player action, which makes it tougher me to bring in threats or situation twists. So, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this – whether you feel that the Bargain had its effect, or if not, then why; and also how you’d run a “everybody swarms one guy” situation if it did happen.

Again, many many thanks :slight_smile: Both the Blades system, and the Rollplay Blades series, are seriously brightening up my life. :smiley:

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All of “The Others” would have swarmed Aldo (from the devil’s bargain), but Myth’s intercepting attack on them was very effective, so Myth’s action interfered with the outcome of the bargain. If The Others had swarmed Aldo, he would have faced a larger scale enemy, which would have dropped him to Desperate / Zero Effect in this case. He could have tried to fight free and engage them one at a time, but that roll to maneuver wouldn’t do any harm, and he’d be risking severe harm in return.

Basically, Myth’s attack disrupted the swarm that Aldo might have faced from the DB.

The special ghosts recognized Aldo as the biggest threat, but they’re smart, so they didn’t just immediately hurl themselves at him to get wrecked. Sometimes a DB doesn’t turn out to be a big problem, and that’s fine.

As far as only responding to player action, check out Episode 7 for an example of not doing that. :slight_smile:

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Cool. Thanks for the thorough response!

I tend to spread my Blades listening throughout the week, but awesome to know I’ll be seeing something new and cool next episode…