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[RollPlay: Blades Q&A] Episode 4: Initiated into Darkness

Ask me questions about episode four of Blades!


I can’t wait for the ghostfuckery :itmejpexcite:

How nice a suit is a 2 coin suit?

How can I watch the earlier episodes on YouTube? The link in your chat didn’t work for me.

this is the playlist link:

It will be fun to see the new v8 engagement in play! Along with your take on the Lost District and all the ‘fuckery’ that’ll happen around it!

You mentioned that Carriless got “favor” w/ the Goddess and Rune can be thought of as a Disciple now as well, will we potentially be seeing some of those “Advanced Abilities & Permissions” pop up later as options for certain players?

Enjoyed the show, didn’t miss a beat from the Hiatus and looking forward to how this score will go down next week!

First off, amazing episode, loved the introduction of Hollows into the game, they’ve always really interested me. Second, I’m curious about tycherosi and their larger place in the world, their island is so far away from the Shattered Isles are they even a part of the empire? Does Mr Careless Firm have laws that protect him because he’s like a foreign citizen? They don’t have an embassy so does he actually have rights if he’s caught murdering people by the bluecoats? Super curious about the lore surrounding Tycheros and the uhh ‘polite’ gentleman on screen :slight_smile:

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Am I the only one who just fucking LOVES how John DM’s? Putting the spotlight on a person and just asking them to join in the narration and letting them shine?

Example: Spotlighting Cattaby, getting a lot more out of her this episode then we have so far I think. She’s been VERY useful in the past (like the last score) but having John kinda plucking her out and giving that simple nudge to get her to Spider the shit out of the start of the next score. And of course Wheat stepping up and nailing it of course too, especially with the rep discussion.

edit: additionally a question rather than just gush fanboyishly LOL

At what point do you think a crew really needs to focus on getting assets/gang members? I can’t wait to see some murderous gangers!

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Once Carriless becomes leader of his own cult to the Goddess how many faithful will he need to sacrifice to ascend to daemonhood?!

Does the assassin crew type usually tend to ignore things like expanding turf, acquiring vice dens, etc? Watching the Bloodletters it seemed pretty natural for drug dealers (hawkers) to move in that direction. Do you think that is how the different crew types function or is it just a matter of this group’s play style?

If the crew continues to head down this dark road with She Who Slays in Darkness would it be possible for them to become a cult? (Don’t think this is necessarily likely because of Aldo and Cattaby but curious how that would work)

Also super curious about why Carriless specifically did not care about having to compete with Rune over the favor of the goddess.

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In this case, it’s “fine” quality, which is the crew’s Tier (0) +1 = Tier 1. (When you acquire an asset, the outcome is relative to the crew’s Tier.) I narrated the outcome as if it was a Tier II or III quality, though, since it was such an extravagant expenditure for a minor thing.

Yep. :slight_smile:

I predict that we’ll discover more about that in this series.

It depends on how they want to operate. If you stay low-Tier and just do scores, you might not need any gangs. If you want to move up in the world and start holding claims and raising Tier, a gang becomes pretty important because you can’t be everywhere at once.

I’m betting it’s more than zero. :slight_smile:

I think it’s a bit of both. Assassins naturally tend toward a score-focused crew, rather than turf-control. And this group hasn’t considered that larger aspect of the game yet. But once they’ve mastered the core game, I expect we’ll see them browsing the claims map and considering some of those acquisitions in the future.

Yep. You can change crew types.

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Will the MP3 be going up soon?

John, Geoff, Anne, Zeke, Wheat. Amazing job. Blades is quickly becoming my favourite show. Really great job and love the bants in the downtime and little bits between scenes. Absolutely stellar!

You mentioned that you will switch over to the final™ Rules on the next session. Does that mean we get them on drivethru soon?

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Yep! I’m going through revisions right now. The next update (with the full draft of the book) will hopefully be up this month.


If hate is a vehicle can @iNcontroLTV 's vehicle be a grav tank? I feel like he should get one after being constantly being denied it from @AdamKoebel in Swan Song :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t wait for the next episode, and after great the CoS Live Show I really can’t wait for the Blades Live Show :heart:

the Blades ad that ran during the live show was the best ad I have ever seen and @Ezekiel_III line is so fitting


To be fair to @AdamKoebel, I feel like it can go both ways, since they had a grav tank waiting on Andoni, but no one ever went back for it.

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First of all, amazing show. The setting is so interesting and the cast makes their characters feel real. I am really looking forward to whatever comes next.

Now, @OneSevenDesign, would it be possible for the characters to gain things for their crew, permanently, while on a mission or as part of a narrative sequence? First example: The Leviathan Hunter mission, would it have been possible for the crew to somehow establish themselves as the ships new owners or installing a new captain that reports to them? Having a Leviathan Hunter ship under your command could be a good source of income and/or a great source for entanglements and additions to the fiction.

Second example: Persuading a person/group to work for them. Could Aldo perhaps persuade Rutherford (spelling?) that, if they investigate the problems of his employer and he loses his job, that he could come work for them and provide some form of mechanical benefit? Perhaps overseeing the operations of the aforementioned Leviathan Hunter ship and report back to the crew.

Third (and final) example: Taking Lord Suker’s (spelling?) Deathlands compound for themselves? Having a “safe” and “secret” retreat out in the Deathlands for the crew to run to or hide things in could prove pretty useful. Operating the lightning barrier might not be cheap or otherwise within the crew’s current means, but that could be worked on.

These are three possible opportunities that I’ve noted, so far, for expanding the crew. Would you be ok with giving the players these kinds of benefits, if they put in the work of course, should the opportunity present itself or a player make the suggestion? Sometimes I think the PCs just aren’t thinking big enough (or it might just be me :smiling_imp:) but having things like these as possible incentives/rewards might up the ante even more.

Or completely break the game mechanics and make it a lot less fun for everyone. I would like to hear your thought’s on the matter.

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what you are talking about are Claims and totally a part of what the Crew could do. it is a neat system along side the crew xp/abilities!

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Oh, I know. I’ve watched several episodes of the Blades game John runs with Adam Koebel, among others, so I’m familiar with a good bit of the mechanics of Blades in the Dark.

My question was more along the angle of obtaining these kinds of things while doing something else, an assassination or making a visit to an employer to pick up a payment for example, without the crew having to specifically say “We’re going to obtain an asset now.” or “We’ll attack this particular area in Crow’s Foot for x reason and claim it as our own” and then spend en entire session focused on that specific task. My fault for being unclear, sorry about that.

So instead of a mission conclusion being simply: “Yep, you murdered your target good.” (Which isn’t exactly how it works, but I hope you get my point), a mission summary could instead be: “Ok, you managed to assassinate Lord Herbegerd, which was the goal of your score, BUT you also convinced his butler to come work for you now that he’s out of a job, you stole his horse and cart as a getaway vehicle so now you have transportation for the crew, and you also cracked the safe holding the deed to his house so now you own that and can use it as a secondary base. Well done. Oh, and you also get paid.”

I just thought it might be fun and interesting to have these things be a possible option. I mean they are criminals trying to rise up in the underworld, so if the opportunity presents itself to not only kill their target but also somehow legally own his house afterwards, it would just make sense to seize that opporunity while in the moment.