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[RollPlay: Blades Q&A] Episode 20: School's In Session

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Anyone find it a little humorous that despite having a goth chick on the team, it’s actually the big, buff sophisticate whose job is to punch things, who has the most angst (and tearjerking storyline)?

And on a separate note… can anyone remember what happened to Lady Kinclaith’s hit list? Did they ever finish their contract with her? And his her poor butler still waiting for Aldo to come back and help him? :smiley:

Several components of a Hull are beyond Tier IV (see page 227).

They abandoned Lady Kinclaith to her fate. Aldo’s obsession carried him away from his promise to her butler.

Oh, and for those in chat that were posting about Aldo’s heavy armor load:

I mis-remembered and thought that Aldo had the Mule special ability. I always think of him as having it because he’s big and strong. So I thought he had a Light load of 5. My bad!

I’ve always considered revolvers to be tier IV tech since I believe the rulebook says that two shot pistols with clockwork mechanisms are like a step above finely crafted, which I’ve interpreted to be like tier III. Basically just following the pistol upgrades in Dishonored lol.

I imagine it being like the Revolver from Trigun pretty much. I can’t remember the make or model, just that it’s Italian.

Or you can do like the Louisiana’s LeMat revolver, but instead of making it a revolver, just have like a normal one shot pistol, but then underneath the barrel, have a nice, cleverly concealed blunderbuss type cartridge where you can pull a secondary switch with your thumb that ignites the powder and “boom”! Obviously it wouldn’t be as powerful as an actual blunderbuss, but it should hit one person who’s in your face, even if you just ignite gunpowder and singe off his eyebrows lol.

I also imagine a very innovative tinkerer could maybe rig up some electroplasm gauntlets for some fighter characters either by direct invention, or scavenging some hulls.

On the same vein, I’d imagine technological or alchemical innovations that mirror whisper abilities(specifically consort or attune) could be considered tech IV since Blades’ societies rely on whispers for interactions with the ghost field outside of the Spirit Wardens and “proper” channels.

Could Leviathan Hunter ships be considered tier IV+?

Maybe make dive suits?

Electroplasmified swords/spears/other sharp weapons.

Eavesdropping devices lol.

Ooh! Automobiles!

Maybe radio?

Sorry for rambling.