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[RollPlay: Blades Q&A] Episode 19: Belle, Book, & Candle

Ask us questions about episode 19!


Hot damn that was a great episode!

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I absolutely love these great lore-dump episodes! Admittedly a bit nervous, don’t want the Last Word and Bloodletters to fight. But as always, amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing!

A++ Game tonight. Question for @OneSevenDesign : If Carriless managed to go on the fast track to regaining his power, can he still play as a full ascended demon or would he cease to exist as a player character? Seems like being a full demon would have some massive advantages.

I loved the show, but i have been wondering for some time now, Rune is maxed out on attune atm (right?) and you said the only way she gets stronger is by becoming a vampire. Would Rune ever consider becoming a vampire if necessary to kill Lord Scurlock?

With all the talk of Scurlock this episode I wondered, with the little war going on between the path of echoes and the church, how are the vampire(s?) viewed by the two sides?

A+ episdode folks.

Have some fanart of varying quality and relevance.

Tsundere Carriless

Rune meets Weird Boi

Carriless is a dad


Good question! Theologically speaking, the Church isn’t opposed to vampires, since they aren’t crazy vengeful spirits. Most vampires are driven to horrific savagery by their desires, though, so they end up being a problem anyway.

The Path of Echoes is opposed to vampirism – it’s an abomination. Better to be Reconciled.

I’ve done it both ways. A PC demon is possible.

Yep! The timelines are distinct now. Though the characters still exist in each instance, so we can do player cross-overs and such when we want to.


I just want to leave my compliments for John. You’re doing an awesome job. Your world is amazing. Your game is amazing. I so hope you’re staying on for a second campaign after this.

Every “week” i keep wondering if the crew is ever going to go back to their original Patron. Have i missed something? Didn’t Aldo swear to go back and help the butler?

They abandoned Lady Kinclaith to her fate. This kind of thing usually happens in a sandbox game. There’s too much stuff to handle, so some things fall through the cracks.

Aldo did swear, yes. But that was before he became obsessed with his current goal.

does that mean that flint is still alive in the blood-letters world?

will you continue to use the two games to update each other in smaller ways, or do you feel that they are completely diverged at this point?

I am consistently blown away by how quickly Anne is getting better at RP. For a first shot at a long-running series, this has been magnificent work so far.


Does the game mechanic where someone can buy up their downtime results still exist? And if so can you “store” downtime actions for scores and dump coin to improve things you might want for the score? Like needing a Tier whatever weapon, tool, or expert?

Hi John,

I noticed that you’ve had Geoff pick his “demon-ness” from 1-4, and he’s said that he’s currently 2/4 demon.

When something occurs that affects demons, you have him roll that number of dice (2 in this case), and if he succeeds, he is NOT affected. The more dice he has, the higher his chance of succeeding. But isn’t the idea that a full demon would be heavily affected? Is he meant to be rolling to see if he can FAIL the fortune roll?

Thanks. Great session as always!

Well because it’s 2 dice (right in the middle ) you don’t know which way it would “swing” if Carriless was more demon. Maybe if he was 3/4 then for the negative stuff he would roll 1 die. It looks like made up on the spot mechanic so probably is not fully fleshed out, but it uses the general balances and checks of the game at large so it shouldn’t be that broken.

It’s a fortune roll (which is a mechanic in the game system).

And yeah, we’re rolling on behalf of Carriless’s “demon-ness” – in this case to see if his demonic nature is a benefit or a hindrance, since we don’t know for sure at his current in-between state.

Once he’s (more) fully demon (or perhaps more fully human, depending on how things go), he won’t get a fortune roll about that kind of thing anymore, we’ll just say that it affects him as whatever he is.

But in general, you have the right idea @Caesarr77. If we wanted to make a fortune roll for the Eye of Kotar to see how much it affected Carriless, we would add dice to that pool based on how demonic he is, and the result would be in favor of the Eye’s power. (I think the first fortune roll I made for the Eye was something like that, maybe?)

The important thing with fortune rolls is to be clear on who you’re rolling for, so you know which side a high result favors. It’s possible that we didn’t communicate that clearly to chat while we were playing.

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